An Appeal to the People of Bahr el Ghazal Region on Peace And Stability

By Ariik Kuol Ariik

The People of Bahr el ghazal Region must stand in solidarity with people of Western Lakes State-Rumbek to realize constand peace and stability. The Greater Region of Bahr el ghazal must play the significant roles in addressing and mitigating issues of insecurity pertaining Western Lakes State through the following ways:

1. Organising a Regional peace conference for Western Lakes State particularly
2. Drafting some bills necessary to rescue the volatile security situation in Western Lakes State
3. Passing the resolutions on the massive disarmament exercise across Western Lakes and its neighbouring states simultaneously
4. Contributing at least 500 Organized Forces from each state of the 10 states of Bahr el ghazal Region to disarmed notorious armed youths causing rampant insecurity in Western Lakes and its neighbouring states
5. Engaging national government to provide neccessary logistics such as food, arms, amunitions and transport for such forces to execute their constitutional mandate accordingly
6. Arresting all culprits and bring them to book
7. Establishing competent court to settle all pending cases of murder
8. Establishing mechanisms for the compensation of all victims of cattle raidings, communal conflicts and revenge killings
9. Conducting healing and reconciliation
processes for all rival communities across Western Lakes and its immediate neighbouring states of Eastern, Gok and Tonj states respectively within Bahr el ghazal Region
10. Organising a combine Holy prayer at Rumbek Freedom Square by all Religous Denominations of Christians, Islam and Traditional African Spiritual Spear Masters who will conduct their Rituals for Western Lakes and its neighbouring states to coexist peacefully throughout the time.

Who and How to Initiate it ?
I am strongly requesting the newly appointed governor of Western Lakes state Maj. Gen: Mahmoud Solomon Deer to immediately take up this idea, own it, initiate peace conference and invite the following officials to Rumbek :

1. All the other nine (09) governors of Greater Bahr el ghazal Region
2. All the other nine (09) Speakers of the TLSAs
3. The heads of the security committees
4. All Heads of the Security forces
5. Representaves of traditional chiefs and Spear Masters
6. Representatives from the Council of churches
7. Youth’s representatives
8. Women groups
9. Civil Society Organization Networks and
10. University Students

According to my internal feelings, this will help solve at least ninety five (95%) percent of the existing problems and lessens the human and material losses in Western Lakes particularly and its neighbouring states generally. This is the best way that we can contribute more positively towards stability and prosperity of Western Lakes and its neighbouring states generally. Because, It is my believe that we can never have a complete strong Country of South Sudan and a Region of Bahr el ghazal without a State of Western Lakes.

Background and Borders of Western Lakes State
Western Lakes is one of the thirty two (32) states in the Republic of South Sudan and also one of the ten (10) States in Bahr el ghazal Region. It has shared borders with its six (06) immediate neighbouring states of Northern Liech to the North, Southern Liech to the North-East, Eastern Lakes to the East, Amadi to the South, Gok to West and Tonj to the North-West. It is divided into eleven (11) counties in which nine (09) are dominantly occupied by Agaar Section of Jieng tribe and two (02) are inhabited by Beli (Jur Beel) tribe. During the Liberation Struggle, Rumbek the current capital of Western Lakes State was the main stronghold headquarters of the SPLA/SPLM since 1983-2005. The late. Dr. John Garang de Mabior, appointed Salva Kiir Mayardit as his Deputy and as a successor at Rumbek Freedom Square in 2005.

Composition and Geography of Western Lakes State
Western Lakes State is inhabited by two (02) tribes of Agaar Marol section of Jieng tribe with ninety (90%) of the population ratio and Beli (popularly known as Jur Beel) tribe with ten (10%) of its population ratio. The two (02) tribes are categorically parallel in both culture and economic activities. Agaar people are primarily pastoralists where as Beli people are Agararian and Hunters in nature.

The State is composed of two (02) main Religious Denominations of Christianity with percentage ratio of nearly ninety nine (99%) being South sudanese and minor Islam with only one percent (1%) mainly foreign nationals from Sudan and Somalia.

The State is blessed with all neccessary variety of natural resources of land, wild and domestic animals, fertile agricultural land, water sources, favourable climatic conditions and rich forest full of economics value such as Lulu, Mahogany, Teak and Acacia trees.

Establishment of Western Lakes State
The President of the Republic of South Sudan H.E. Gen: Salva Kiir Mayardit on September 2015, issued a Presidential Order Number (36) under Article (101) that has given him the Legitimate Powers to restructure the Country’s ten (10) states into twenty Eight (28) States which were latter increased by Four (04) to make current thirty two (32) states in the late 2016.

Thanks for your consideration

Ariik Kuol Ariik

Telephone: +211928187790
Twitter: @AriikKuolAriik.

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