A Harrowing Tale Of War Widow: To Make Our Flag Swing In The Air

By Anyieth Mayen

I got married to their father! We were both uneducated. Their father was a soldier as I was a farmer. Their father struggled for the liberation of our nation, South Sudan, whereas I worked day and night for their survival at home. I dug hectares of land so as to plant crops that changed their diet. I went to distant forests and jungles to collect firewood and wild fruits for them as well as poles and thatched grass to shelter my children. Wild animals scared me but I didn’t stop because my kids could starve yet they were my only hope!

I sat down and thought, East or West, my children won’t be like us! I and their father were in the ranches rearing animals which are not of any help now! The World is civilising, I didn’t stop there but went further. I brewed alcohol and sold it to raise their school fees, buy for them clothes, shoes, medication to mention a few. Out of blue, some of them were soon to join High School which was not in the village, I had to leave with the entire family to the nearby town. I was in a torment!

It was too hectic for me to bear alone but I had nothing to do as their father was busy fighting for the peace of our country. I baked bread and sold it to others to cater for the school fees of my children in the town schools. Wow! My children were positive at school, none of them repeated any class. This saved me from paying double fees per class. News came prevailing! Peace has come to the country though there is too much blood shed. Many soldiers were killed. My heart skipped. Unfortunately, my husband had gone. He died so as to free fellow citizens from sufferings, to make our flag stand swinging in the air. To make the children of our country receive better Education.

We mourned bitterly but went to normal. It was really an eerie time. Joyfully, the country was in harmony. No more slavery! I had to now take full responsibility of my children both financially and giving parental advices for their good growth morally. I set up a shop, sold items to cater for their university. They graduated, got jobs and married happily. My daughters and sons who worked abroad rewarded me adorably. Age came in and I grew older. My daughters-in-law whom I stayed with told me they were civilised. They chilled out in hotels and ate from there with their children as I stayed home hungry!

When I fell sick, I would tell them to inform my sons about my condition since I don’t know how to dial their numbers. They instead refused to inform them. And when they were asked about my well fare by my sons, They said our Mama is spectacularly fine, not knowing am in a severe condition. They (daughters-in-law) didn’t bother of taking me to the hospital until I recovered naturally. At the end of every month, my sons usually sent me some money so as to shop for myself milk, juice to boost my immunity. Unfortunately, the money would be pocketed by my daughters in law.

When my biological daughters took a visit home, they found me in unusual way, I had grown thinner. They asked me what the cause was but I couldn’t hide it anymore. I told them all the evil deeds of my daughters-in-law. My biological daughters tried asking them (daughters in law) for imposing such acts on me but they instead began blaming me saying am like “typhoid”, I give them headache. My daughters didn’t stop there but took a move and reported everything to my sons. My sons immediately responded and came back home. They tried threatening their wives but instead, their wives threatened to divorce them if they tried to blame them for anything.

Am scared! my sons’ families are soon being divided. I blame myself for revealing the truth and at the same time, do blame my sons for marrying such wives. I feel hurt because am being ill-treated by the wives of my sons whom I struggled alot for their successes today. Am currently having back and chest problems due to the heavy work I did alone as a single parent to raise them and this is the way their wives are paying me. It’s really hurting!

Mother is an undying love, a love beyond comparison, the one you take your troubles to. She is the one who really cares, any woman can be a mother but it takes someone special to be called “mom”. So please choose women that can take care of your mom just like she did to you! A woman that can take care of your mom as you pay your mom back what she owes you.
“Marry in haste and repent at leisure”

All in all,

By Anyieth Mayen (The African Lady)

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