The World Tobacco and Smoking Day Friday, May 31, 2019

By Ariik Kuol Ariik

The world is commemorating the world tobacco and smoking day on Friday May 31, 2019. The commemoration allow the tobacco consumers wirldwide to critically review the health, economics and environmental effects of tobacco consumption throughout the life period.

Tobacco is widely considered as one of the most dangerous drugs consumed by more than 7.5 millions people globally. Tobacco exists in many forms and types as below:

1. Cigarettes (German, Cubian, Jamaican etc)
2. African traditional tobacco (Saffa, Tap or Macher)
3. Arabic tobacco (Sawut or Arab League)
4. Shisha (pipe cigarette)
5. Bhank (Bongo or tap Dor) etc.

Effects of Tobacco on Human Health
The tobacco has the following severe effects on human health as here under:

1. General Cancer (skin, blood, lungs, mouth, Brain and breath cancers)
2. Mental defects
3. Giving birth to deformed babies
5. Increases mortality rates by (50%) percent
6. Increases blood pressure
7. Weakens the body immunity.

Effects of Tobacco on an Individual Economics level

1. Increase individual spending on daily basis
2. Poor planning for the future
3. Reduce investment and saving levels
4. Reduce chancers for education e.g. mental defect.
5. Increase time wastage
6. Reduce body energy and fitness.

Effects of Tobacco on Environment
The tobacco consumption is believed to have exerted a lot of pressure and adverse negative effects on environment as follows:

1. Increase Global Warming
2. Soil, air and water pollutions
3. Reduce ecosystems and biodiversity

Economic value of Tobacco
Tobacco is one of the cash crops grown universally for economic purposes to boost both domestics and international economy. It is traded both locally and internationally by both licensed and unlicensed (smugglers) business people within and beyond their borders of Countries, Regions and Continents. Many countries in the world generates more than 150 millions US Dollars from tobacco sales annually. This is a significant increase in the economic GDP of the respective countries that that produces tobacco and export it to the world markets.

As the world is commemorating the tobacco and smoking day, all the UN member States including South Sudan are keenly adviced to increase monitoring and controlling the wide range consumption and supply of illegal and prohibited tobacco drugs like Bhank. The government must establish laws that regulate and control sales and supply of harmful tobacco drugs within the parameters of its sovereign and political borders. We advice all tobacco consumers to abstain from smoking for 24 hours and avoid smoking in public places. This is according to the United Nations World Health Organization (UN-WHO).

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