This page is called Aftablogs (Aftaboss Blogs), a collection of various BLOGS of our cyber community internet’ionally….

Who are they? According to a German media organization, which met these citizen journalists in Juba, 2012, Aftaboss Internet’ionnel are a:

“…small group of people who experiment with digital media in South Sudan. When these “rucksack reporters” started out, they often squatted in the bar in hotels like the Juba Grand because they provided reliable access to electricity. Quaint as this sounds, the impact they had was profound: de Ngong has received death threats because of his writing. The hotel eventually proved hostile and management there removed wall sockets to prevent the bloggers from hanging around. This is why those working in South Sudan’s digital media eventually founded the
Association of Facebook, Twittersphere and Blogosphere Operators of South Sudan, or AFTABOSS, which intends to pool members’ resources to provide reliable internet access and electricity. Much hope for the future of new media in South Sudan rests on this example of grassroots collaboration. If others follow the example of de Ngong and AFTABOSS, it is likely that blogging and citizen journalism will continue to become more established in South Sudan.”

aftaboss logo1

BLOG LINK                                                                           BLOG THEME/S

0- (Mother Blog: for blogathon and Administration of other bloggers)

1- (News and Opinions Reblogging and Blogging)

2- (Political Analyses and Literary)

3-   (Opinions and Literary Commentary)

4-  (News, Analyses and Gossip)

5- (Political Analyses on Democracy and Justice)

6-  (Group and Talent Blog)

7-  (Personal Opinion and Political Analyses)

8- (Literature and Culture…Books Reviews/Publishing)

9- (Education, Talent and Peace)

10- (Academic and Political Analyses)

11- (News and Gossip)

12- (Political and Social Analyses)

13-  (Reblogging and Opinions)

14-   (Political Opinions and Art)

15-  (Political and Social Opinions)

16-  (Peace and Youth)

17- (Political Analyses and Opinions_

18- (Political Analyses and Social Matters)

19- (Peace and Political Opinions)

20-  (Fashion Blog)

21-  (Dinka Literacy and Culture)

22- (Gender Issues and Fashion Blogging)

23- (Refugees and Arts Blog)

24- (Politics, Poetry and Prose)

25- (News, Views and Analyses)

26- (Urban and Social News, and Analyses)

27- (Political Analyses)

28- (Social and Literary Writings)

29- (History, Talents, Opinions)

30-  (Sports Reports and Investment News)

31- (Peace and Humanitarian)

32- (Travel and Social)

33- (Personal and Social Reblogging)

34- (Business Blog)

35- (Opinions and Humanitarian News)

36- (Personal and News Analyses)

37- (Religion and Literature)

38- (Travel blog)

39- (Adventure and Tourism)

40-  (Research and Academics)

41- (Emergency Aid/Humanitarian blog)

42- (Medical and health issues)

43- (For Peace Campaigns and Service Delivery)

44- (Youth Association and Peace Campaign by Murle Youth)

45- (Humanitarian and Fieldwork blog)

46- (Education Promotion)

47- (Books and Literary Reviews for South/Sudan)

48- (Info on Books, Films and Multimedia)

49- (Books, Literature Reviews)

50- (Literature: Poetry and Prose)

51- (Literary Reviews)

52- (Opinions, Analyses and Free Press)

53- (Human Rights, Community Development)

54- (Education Blog)

55- (Human Rights and Political Analyses)

56- (Peace, Unity and Community Service)

57- (Community Service)

58- (Culture and Heritage)

59- (A Mouthpiece for Shilluk Kingdom)

60- (A Mouthpiece for Anyuak Kingdom)

61-  (Political Opinions and Analysis)

62-  (Human Rights and Humanitarian campaign).

63-  (Social Media and Politics)

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