Qualification for Membership


1-      One must be a netizen (internet-based citizen) of South Sudan

2-      All friends, associates and well wishers of South Sudan/ese

3-      All members who have registered to be members of AFTABOSS

Categories of Membership

1-      Gold members (members registered in the book by paying registration/membership fee or any other service to the Association)

2-      Associate members (members who have registered online to be part of AFTABOSS)

3-      Quasi members (members who support AFTABOSS but are not registered)

Benefits of Members

1- Access to home news on all our Aftablogs, Aftabooks, Aftatweets, etc.

2- Free announcement of personal business on our pages: Aftablogs, Aftabooks and Aftatweets.

3- Free publishing of members articles, news, opinions (Aftaposts).

4- Allocation of position (Aftajob) to aspiring members of Aftaboss depending on the type of one’s membership

5- Full participation in meetings, workshops/siminars, including international conferences by social media operators.

6- Free advertisement and marketing on our social websites of members’ innovative ideas such as music, books, etc.

NB: The last three benefits (Nos 4, 5 & 6) are restricted to goal members only.


Source of funds

1-      Membership fee (tbd)

2-      Online website advert i.e.

3-      Grants, donations, etc. from projects written by members for common objectives e.g. publishing, rights campaign, Free Press, etc.


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