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India-Victim-of-Gang-Rape-Dies-in-HospitalThough this may sound ‘gang’, it means group news. This is a collection of news or comments tantamounting to news or feature articles written collectively by the members. Have any idea to post to the members? Please let us know by dropping it on this page for ‘gang comments’ that the editors will convert into news or feature stories or opinion. Enjoy our Facebook group page:!/groups/413209488738387/


  • …exactly what some of us expected from the head of South Sudan’s Anti-Corruption Commission after President Kiir appointed him to lead the committee that would release the report about the theft in Mr. President’s office…

    – March 15th, 2013: A box filled with hundreds of thousands of SSP disappeared from President Kiir’s drawer…
    – March 23rd, 2013: A second box full of thousands of dollars vanished from the same drawer…
    – Shortly after the second ‘theft,’ Sudan Tribune (ST) learned that millions of cash (SSP and US Dollars) had evaporated from the Presidential Complex…
    – Hours after ST blew the whistle, the Office of the President released an ‘urgent’ ‘press statement’ at around 2am, Juba time. (Juba people don’t sleep for real…Lol). (‘Urgent’ though it was released two weeks after the first incident). A signed copy of the ‘press statement’ was published on Facebook before it appeared on Gurtong, ST, and all news sources that are ‘googleable’… In fact the person (a Facebook friend) published the ‘press statement’ on her timeline at around this time… Fantastic job ST; you forced them to ‘wake up’ at night (assuming they actually woke up) to release a ‘press statement’…
    – March 29th, 2013: The office of the president reported the matter to the police…
    – April 2013: President Kiir was very ‘bitter’ about the incident and that prompted him to ‘suspend’ some of his buddies…
    – April 2013: President Kiir formed a ‘committee’ to dig into the matter… The head of the corrupt Anti-Corruption Commission was appointed as the chair…
    – April 2013: The committee promised to ‘leave no stone unturned’ (yea…we know what that means in the GoRSS context)…
    – April – June 13th, 2013: The committee was turning stones:)…
    – June 14th: ‘Stone-turning’ exercise done! The committee released a ‘comprehensive report’ – that the ‘theft’ was an inside job… Nature of the theft according to the report: The thief/ves made a ‘hole’ through the wall of Accounts Office; however, the hole was ‘too small’ for an adult to fit through…so the thief/ves passed through the door. HAHAHAHAHHAHA… (Note: The Accounts Office is located inside the president’s complex…
    – June 14th, 2013: The committee recommended an ‘administrative action’ to be taken against the culprits… We don’t know who the culprits are because that is not disclosed in the report…

    Good job TeamCowBoy… I feel sorry for the ‘hole’ though… I wish the ‘hole’ could speak for self…& tell ‘us’ how it was ‘created’…

    Piips, ingest the rough findings of the ‘comprehensive’ report and move it…

    Like · · 9 hours ago

    1. DENKUEK! I thought I was the first to realiz that OOP(Sorry) means Office of President(Salva) according to that Ati-Corruption Reports. Oops, that Investi’n’gation Committee violated the Presidential/Republican DeGree (read DeCree) by not recommending legal ‘persecution’ (read prosecution) as ordered by the Decree. Ati ‘Administrative Action’…meaning what?
      1. | Oops… Office of President Salva…. hahaha I am not making this up its from the “Report into the theft at OoP [Office of President]”…. I could have a memorable headline had they allowed my newspaper…

        Alleged theft in Kiir’s office was a crime by insiders – report

    June 16, 2013 (JUBA) – The committee which was formed to investigate the alleged thefts in the office of the South Sudan’s president, Salva Kiir Mayardit, has released its final report saying the alleged thefts were not from external culprits but an organized act by insiders within the office.
JPEG - 18.9 kb
Salva Kiir attends a meeting of the head of states and gov’ts in Addis Ababa Jan 27, 2013. (Reuters)

Cash money totalling hundreds of thousands of combined South Sudanese pounds and US dollars were stolen from the highest office of the land twice in two consecutive weeks in March this year.

The two separate theft instances occurred in the Office of the President’s West Wing on the 15th and 23rd March 2013, respectively.

The criminal acts were not revealed by the office until Sudan Tribune broke the news about it a week later.

In reaction to the revelation, South Sudan’s president, Salva Kiir Mayardit, issued a republican order No 01/2013, forming a committee chaired by the chief of the anti-corruption commission, Justice John Gatwech Lul, to investigate into the thefts.

Kiir also suspended, and handed over to the committee for investigation, his most senior administrators in the office, namely: the Chief Administrator, Mayen Wol Jong; the Executive Director, Yel Luol Koor; and the Controller of Accounts, Nhomout Agoth Cithiik.

In a press release distributed by the Office of the President on Friday, dated 14th June 2013, the report suggested that the total amount found by the committee to have been stolen from the office is 208,543 South Sudanese pounds and $14,000 US dollars, plus two laptop computers.

John Gatwech who chaired the investigation committee also held a press conference on the same day and explained the committee findings.

The report said that the manner of the thefts suggested that they were a colluding syndicate from staff inside the president’s office.

The report also suspected the secrecy and indecision to report the alleged thefts to the police by the office of the president despite the gravity of the crime.

“In spite of the gravity of the crime, there was a remarkable indecision from the senior staff in the OoP [Office of the President] to report the matter to the authorities or even enhance security on site,” the report criticised.

It said the senior officials in the office were more concerned with containing the theft within the office rather than tackling it or its underlying causes. They also reported the matter to the police very late on 29thMarch 2013; which happened 14 days after the first alleged theft and 6 days after the second alleged theft.

“The case was belatedly reported to the police on the 29th March 2013. Hence, vital evidence was compromised by this lapse of time. Although there is a circumstantial evidence which can be used to secure conviction, the delay in the police investigation meant that important evidence was compromised or lost,” underscored the report.

Although the presidential order gives mandate to the investigation committee to establish legal measures that should be taken against the culprits, the committee only recommended administrative measures against the three suspended senior officials and fell short of recommending prosecuting anybody.




Poem 117






You’re put in charge of our fund,

You put them aside for your fun.

You organize for your fans fanfare,

You use our funds for your fun-fare.

You call yourself a chief,

We regard you as a thief.

Lo, you continue to steal,

Your licence shan’t be still.

For you are depriving the public

Of the development of their republic.

Pests of our peace, may you rest apiece

In the Land you suck, milk, fail to appease.

Heed to this alarm bell to wake up the nation,

To condemn them who feed us with the ration.

Damn the official thieves of, for and by the people,

And them that issue them the licences of the people.


Tinkers, tinkle

The jingle jangle.

If you give to a thief he cannot steal from you, and he is then no longer a thief.


William Saroyan.


Poem 118

The Kinship with a Kingship

Even the monarch’s co-cousins

Dip their hands deep into our coffers,

And fool us, and pull for themselves dozens;

Of course none of all gives them the state’s offers.

All those self-made Royalties

Do claim from our toils’ royalties.

They assume and consume of powers real regal,

Yet their assumptions for consumptions are not legal.

By hierarchy, we’re their loyalists,

And by oligarchy, they’re our royalists.

We know to the monarchy they’re a far kinship,

It is they by remote anarchy who fake on us kingship.



Job Title: Wife
Unit: Bush
Start: As Soon As Possible

… Purpose: To plan, Implement and Monitor Kitchen Affairs and reproduction of many children, this will be based on extract from Dinka Cultures and norms .

Applicable duties

1. Work towards the achievement of reproduction of many children in relation to Dinka family structure.
2. Remains at home as it is required by man.
3. To ensure that during rainy season he mosquito net is set up for man.
3. Should not talk when men are talking.
4. Should maintain her in laws and accepts all their request.


Experience of 2 years in Pabiec cattle camp or relevance field.
Ready to work under harsh rules and tense supervision
Knowledge of cooking Wal wala and Milking of cattle
Ready to fetch water at long distances and fire woods.

NB: spinsters ladies are strongly recommended to apply.

only shortlisted candidates shall be contacted.

LIKE if you accept the advert and Comment if you have doubt.

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