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Compulsorily and Voluntarily for the netizens of South Sudan: rioting in writing

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Aug. 22, Juba:

On Tuesday, the Government of South Sudan hit the press and declared the whole nation to be in mourning for three days, as shown below. However, the issue was not the news. Problem was the debate that the news of the national mourning and the lowering of the flag flowing the news of the death of the Ethiopian Prime Minister, the plane crash in the Nuba Mountains, even including the killing of a certain Japanese journalist in Syria. For all this, the debate ensued and one old man said this,

“These people of ours are wizards. When their eyes seem to dry, the look for tears from around the world. This is bad omen, creating mourning from nowhere. I am afraid  they will have something to mourn as if it is their wish.” said Ayuen-dit, my fellow SSTV viewer.

Today, came in the news of the death of Gen. Paulino Matip Nhial, deputy C-in-C of the SPLA!



SSTV-JUBA, Aug. 21, 2012 :

It’s weird! Upto 10 days of no work for the world’s ‘too late’ nation? The Republic of South Sudan has paralysed official business from Friday to Friday and then to Sunday, almost the whole of the second half of this month. It began with the Eid el Fitr of the Islamic month of Ramadhan. The Eid ran through Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday…all shops and offices compulsorily closed!

The late Meles Zenawi, former Ethiopian Prime Minister.

Then the three days of mourning for a foreign head of state, because he is a great friend to South Sudan. This Friday, it is rumoured that the Veterans Day, which was postponed from Saturday, 18 August 2012, as if to give way to the Muslims breaking of their fast, will fall on Friday, August 24 in Torit, then followed by the weekend of Saturday and Sunday. No work. Let’s relax. We are free at last!

On Tuesday, August 21, news of the death of the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi’s death, breaks out. Our government called for an impromptu press conference and the Minister for Information (and Broadcasting) hit the mic announcement as such . “The Republic of South Sudan announces three days of national mourning, with our flag flying at half mast, for the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, His Ex-cellency, Meles Zenawi… a great friend of the people of the Republic of South Sudan….”

As if that is not enough. His Excellency also added to this mourning our great condolences to the Republic of Sudan for the tragic plane crash that killed the minister and 31 people. Our hearts to the people of Sudan for this great loss to the President and the Vice President of Sudan. The plane crashed at Talodi in the Nuba Mountains. Perhaps, this will convince Bashir that the SPLM/A is no longer a sister or a sympathizer to the SPLM-North. Inshallah!

Yet again, the Government of South Sudan expressed its sadness over the death of the Japanese journalist killed in Syria. Blah, Blah, blah, blaaaaaahhhhh…..

The minister, H.E. Dr. Barnaba Marial Benjamin, made the statement, which was also repeated by his Deputy, Atem Yaak Atem, in a press conference.

No sooner had the announcement of the “Three-day National Mourning” was announced than an immediate outcry emerged from the viewers of SSTV, including this Weirdo, “This is sheer idleness and blunder! How can you announce three days of national mourning, where our flag will be flying low for another head of state?” This news sparked off debate among the citizens of hour our government (RSS) is using its quality time to deliver services to the world’s ‘too late nation’.

Ngong Deng, one netizen of South Sudan reacts on his Facebook wall: “Our flag is going to fly low for this enforced on us national mourning days, while it was flying high when our citizens were killed in Jonglei State! Unusual gov’t!”

At least, at last, there was a change of tone at the 9 o’clock Arabic news. There seem to have been some correction that the ‘three-day national mourning’ does not necessarily means a no-work day. Thank God, we shall be in offices, shops and other works and walks of life tomorrow, but not Friday. However, the spirit and rhythms and morale for work are already affected by this prolonged holidays, which are not necessarily all holy days.


Dear netizens, the following are some hints and links to the weird news to be posted on this weblog this Weirdnesday (Wednesday). You are therefore kindly requested to research and send your very brief (half page) findings to this e-mail: We shall publish it. Remember, our news moto on this site is “Compulsorily and Voluntariy Ours!”


Bor flood victims wade through a lake of flood plains in Bor town.

“We fear that crocodiles could find their way into people’s homes because water levels are increasing while it is still raining,” said Juuk. The governor fears that the presence of the water in town could resulted into an outbreak of waterborne diseases. “We have nowhere to go as water has covered all the residential areas and roads have been dilapidated,” he said.

3-  FROM 8,000,0000,000 DOLLARS TO 158,000,000 DOLLARS: Where is the 8 billion?

South Sudan’s president Salva Kiir meets his Chinese counterpart, Hu Jintao in Beijing (Reuters

Juba, August 22, 2012: South Sudanese are still expecting to receive 8 billion dollars according to President Kiir’s visit to China a few months ago. In April, the world was awashed with this news. “South Sudan’s president Salva Kiir has described his recent visit to China as “positive” and said China has agreed to loan South Sudan US$8 billion for infrastructure development. Speaking at a press briefing on Saturday, the government spokesman, Barnaba Marial Benjamin, on described the visit as a “successful mission” as Kiir has secured funding for infrastructure from China. He said China has agreed to lend South Sudan the money to support the implementation of “development projects”.

Now, there is announcement from the Minister for Information that China is going to build Juba International Airport, with only 20% of the shares given to the Republic of South Sudan. “It’s been proposed to have shares of about 20 percent which will belong to the government, 31 percent will go to the indigenous private sector and 49 percent will go to international investors,” Barnaba said.

Not only that. China is going to bring their workers, their companies and materials to make sure that the 158 million dollars are all taken back to China. And then there will be shares held in the Airport business by China, and then South Sudan will pay back the same amount in loan with an interest of 2% to China. As if that is not enough, the question is: Was this the assistance of 8,000,0000,000 dollars our government claimed to have got from China a few months ago? This is open to research.,42431

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