By Andrew Wol

It was few months ago when some of the National Security members of Gen. Akol Koor who were guarding his home set up an illegal checkpoint in Awul village, Tonj North County. These security operatives with their local allies are currently terrorising the people of Apuk Padoc, Lou-Ariik, Lou- Pher, Kongor and Awan-Parek.

The checkpoint is use for torturing, threatening and demanding money from business people who transport and load their goods from Wau to the above afomentioned Payams.

On 9th/ 5/2020, several predominantly business people from Apuk Padoc loaded a small pick-up car with goods from Wau. When they reached to the illegal barricaded checkpoint, they were stopped. The driver of the pick-up came out and asked them what they want? They said that people from greater Akop are not suppose to pass here. The driver was surprised by the response because it’s one state one county while people are threatening one another with illegal checkpoints which are not approved by the local authorities. As the driver was still talking with them, three guys started beating up the driver and the rest of the car occupants. As a result of the commotion, the driver was badly injured. He was rushed to Warrap Town clinic on critical condition for medications but few hours later he passed away.

When Gen. Akol Koor heard that his security and members of his community had killed a person, he made a phone call and ordered the killers to be arrested and detained in their Payam Warrap Town instead of ordering the killers to be detained in the former state capital, this clearly violated the crime laws. However, as family of the deceased were likely to make a revenge attack on his community, Akol ordered his community leader in Juba to meet the community leader of the deceased. Thereafter, the two community leaders met in Juba and agreed to dispatch a committee to go home and convince the community of the deceased in order to calm down the situation. Also the two leaders agreed to consult the family of deceased what would be the penalty to the killers. Indeed the family members of the deceased were happy with death penalty to be labelled on killers.The committee left and headed to both communities for consultation to refrain from what had happened and allow the law to take its course against the killers.

On Tuesday, 24/6/2020,
As a process of announcing verdict were underway, the justice Maloudit who was presiding the case and bribed by Gen. Akol such that not to apply the death penalty on killers decided to announce the verdict. Before he announced the verdict, he requested Gen Akol to bring five pick-up cars full of members of National Security in order to protect him from his premeditated judgment and to intimidate the family of deceased to accept the result. Akol seconded Judge Maloudit request and dispatched the required security officers to the court centre.

As justice Maloudit announced the verdict, he told the family of the deceased that since your son was beaten to death, there’s no death penalty that should be labelled on killers unless he was killed by gun. Now your son blood compensation would be 31 cows while the killers will be immediately released once they cleared the rest of the fine and hence the case is resolved and no more arguments nor continuity of the same matter and no more opening of the same case anywhere else. Go home and wait for the authority to collect cows for your brother blood compensation.

As family of the deceased felt intimidated and threatened, they were left with no options rather than to make revenge attack. As a result of the court prejudice and misjudgment, the family of the deceased came last night and killed a person from Gen Akol Koor community.

Now, as I’m writing, the homeguards of Gen. Akol and his community members are searching for students of Apuk Padoc in Warrap Town to kill them as a revenge expedition. Several students have been taken to prison centres for protection as preparation is underway to take them to Wau for safety since road to Apuk Padoc is being barricaded by the youth as a barrier to escapees.

Tragically, this morning a small aircraft left Juba international airport and landed in the newly airstrip of Awul, the home area of National Security Director, Gen Akol Koor. According to eyewitnesses on the ground who requested not to be named, confirmed that the aircraft was loaded with ammunitions and meant to arm Gen. Akol Community and wage war against other innocent Communities of Tonj. The other eyewitness confirmed that as soon as the aircraft landed in Awul, members of National Security who were inside the aircraft left straight to Akop where they killed four people from Jur-lian mostly children and women. This need an urgent intervention from President Salva Kiir otherwise, Akol National Security forces would cause greater harm to the civilians on the ground.

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