By Jon Pen de Ngong

I have pretended not to pay attention to this persistent topic, not because it is a “100-percent fake” as claimed by Kiir Administration and supporters but just because I thought President Kiir was the destroyer (by command responsibility on SPLA) of the Bucketwheel factory in Twii East in 1986 and also Gen. Tut Gatluak as the “student leader that organized protests against Jonglei Canal in 1979” (History according to Gen. Salva Mathok Gengdit) — what an SPLA’s award-winning hero, Tutkew, commanding unarmed fighters against Khartoum and Egypt’s interest in 1979!?

Now, I can see the Part B of ‘Project Egypt’ being touted again today. The last time I saw Kiir, our ‘diplomatic sissy’, receiving letters from Egypt’s Al Sisi was in 2018…for joining the Arab League, another ‘pain in the earth of Ethiopia’, where the GERD project will light the region just from July onwards, unless otherwise!

Joining the Islamic World whose membership fees per annum are higher than that of AU, IGAD, EAC and UN put together? By the way, was it just membership fee defaulting that caused the dramatic kicking out of South Sudan in the June 16 meeting in Addis Ababa or there is a ‘pre-existing condition’ e.g. the damned dam deal (GERD or Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam)?

With such diplomatically Covidic sort of symptoms, and in our current status as South Sudanese, let us not be just afraid, but, in fact, be very, very afraid! I don’t mean my fellow refugees in Ethiopia and Egypt, no. Juba must know who I am inviting into my being afraid, mustn’t it?

Are we ready to provide a war theater for the regional war, when we are failing our internal regional battles for the cattle? What if I, the fodder for the war of ‘fodha’, refuse to fight it for them? (‘Fodha’? I donno this Arabic, but just heard Comrade Cdr. Salva spoke it when I was a small soldier those days).

After these few paragraphs of my negligible concern as a now forcibly ‘distanced citizen’ of South Sudan, if asked to advise Gen. Salva on his ‘Project Stoke Fire’ with both Egypt and Ethiopia, I would not say “Your Excellency, please, don’t or do!” Rather I would tell him, “Damned if you do, damned (maybe) if you don’t!”

In short, since critically advising the J1-quarantined leadership is interpreted to him by them as ‘insulting the leader’ (in their ‘Jienglish undesrtandment’: “Acï bäny lat”), I would use a quote from the Good News Bible to convey my message on our diplomatic position on Ethiopia and Egypt. Prophet Isaiah on Chapter 20, verse 5, tells my fellow Christian, Salvatore Kiir Mayardit (with his ‘Kiiristians’ of South Sudan), the following oracle.

“Those who have put their trust in Ethiopia and have boasted about Egypt will be disillusioned, their hopes shattered.” (GNB).

NB: Other versions use Cush, instead, which means the same region.


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