Sultan Mayen Dau Deng’s Family Response to the Allegations from Late Lual (Marine) Akook’s family

Date 08/06/20

This week, the family members of Dau Deng Ngon were dismayed to have heard and read the much unsubstantiated allegations made with regard to Sultan Mayen Dau Deng’s chieftain works in Shirkat. From the upset, Sultan Mayen Dau Deng had not been part of the land dispute that led to the incident of unfortunate deaths of innocent citizens of South Sudan. The family was in effect surprised to read Sultan Mayen Dau’s name on late Lual Akook’s family letter dated 05/06/20.

On behalf of Dau Deng Ngon family, we denied earnestly and confirmed that Sultan Mayen Dau was not part of the land disputes between Late Lt Col Lual Akook and those he disputed the land with in Shirkat. Sultan Mayen Dau had not been an operational sultan for the last 3 Years in Shirkat, Sultan Mayen Dau had not offered any advice on this matter (land dispute) both to late Lual Akook and those he seems disputing the land with in Shirkat. Sultan Mayen Dau Deng is not running any chief court in Shirkat. Given that, he has no power and pretext in the first place to influence the withdrawn of court case as alleged in late Lual Akook’s family letter. We thus would encourage late Lual Akook’s family to seek true justice where strings may be attached but not on unfounded allegations as doing so would be very unjust to both victims of shirkat incident.

As peace loving family, we register our heartfelt condolences to both families who have lost their loved ones in this unfortunate incident. We, too, wish quick recoveries on the wounded individuals caught across fire and those who descended fire on others. We thus add our voices to those calling for justice, healing and reconciliation. As members of the greater Dinka Family, this incident is testing our ability to endure bitterness and hurts inflicted on each other’s brother of the Dinka’s family.

We would wish that our Dinka values on conflicts resolution among family members should be observed in this conflict. We cannot afford to delimit our unity of purpose as people of Jieng society. Finally, we urge late Lual Akook’s family to seek their supposedly justice elsewhere. Finally, we reiterate that Sultan Mayen Dau Deng is holistically not party to the event that led to the demise of Lt Lual Akook Wol and all other victims. We equally call for justice for all and we urge our government to provide leadership and direction on this matter.

Hon John Adoor Deng
Family Spokesman

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