By Jon Pen de Ngong

Ajak Deng Chiengkou did one crime: debunking the genocidaires’ propaganda on the faked killing of the ‘Bor al Ghazal Community’ members in Jonglei and the direct linking of Lual-marine as ‘Lual Salva Kiir’. His staging of propaganda-preempting shows shamed the community provocateurs.

That type of Mayar leader of South Sudanese in Victoria is trying to defame Ajak for doing what J1 normally hates the independent media for: presenting the Side B of their story, hence disapproving and embarrassing the original source. We all know trouble is in daring to defeat the power with logic!

For example, I still remember the barrage of hypocritical rage I got by shredding the Akook Wol Kiir’s family letter that contains a political virus, e g. one of their claim findings that Lual-marine was murdered for his land. Somebody did not like the video showing the dugout graves, and my question: Which one went to that ground first — the dead bodies of the war heroes or the Lual’s shops?

Ajak’s interview with Thiik Thiik Mayardit gave the most basic clarification on Lual Akook and saved the name of the First Family, lessening the anger of hearing the president’s son in the bloody fracas, which news led to some enraged protesters shouting ‘Kiir Must Go”. Ajak’s prompt action to call up Hon. Thiik Thiik led to the annoyance on the truth saboteurs on both sides.

Until the time Ring Mayar was writing this blunt propaganda on Ajak Deng Chingkou in particular and SBS Dinka Radio in general, I saw a Facebook live show by his community members organized by one Maryanne Thiik playing an audio from one Deng Aken that appears to be an NSS informer in Bor, telling a colleague in Juba of a possibility of some “bodies of Bahr al Ghazal members” thrown into the Nile. Imagine this story on June 7, 2020! Seriously?

The show host hammered that small bit of the malicious hint that was merely mentioned with doubt by that officer. She also encouraged her call-in guests to incite members of Lakes State by emphasizing that “Yirol people are not like you Bor folk with your Konkoch theory.” That they can avenge their people with spontaneity.

If Ring Mayar doesn’t denounce this show from his own backyard, then the South Sudanese Community (SSCAV) which he claims to lead in Australia, should check on his leadership credibility ASAP. Leaders must be held to account as they hold people’s lives in their hands.

NB: Let’s just wait for the Committee’s report, hoping they are not by now armed with that family letter and such ‘pressed’ releases as their foundation for the investigation that seems to be already overshadowed by the hunt for the Kiir-must-go choir than for the justice of the victims of the incident at Shirkat!

1- ‘Boropaganda’: a propaganda against or in Bor
2- ‘Bropaganda’: a propaganda against a bro.

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