Open Letter Disapproving Rumours Of Killing Of Bahr el Gazahal People In Bor

By Ahocmoc-Mioor Achuei

To all south Sudanese within and across the world i would like to disapprove the propaganda circulating on media that Bor people’s had killed students & businessmen and women living in Bor.

The Dinka Bor, community is known for its humbleness and accommodative behavior, as well as spirit of togetherness and nationalism in which sometimes, they allowed some problems to arises on them like, issue of our brothers Murle whom, if Dinka Bor unit hands and go to their lands they can’t be there, but being good to all citizens that’s why they just remain forgiven.

I would like to appealed to all media House’s to stop preaching negatives information about what happened in Juba and protest that occur in Bor the headquarter of Jonglei state, about the killing of innocent civilians by the officer of national army who is train to protect the national borders and citizens. I urged all media men’s & women’s to stop propagating fake information in the media that people are killed in Bor, that’s total lie and if you doubt call your relatives and they will explained well.

A gain what do you people need over this matters, by preaching negatives information about Bor,? Get to know Bor will be the uniting umbrella in this nations despite of all wrong being preached against them, because they respect law & order, as well as respect ten commandments and even forgive their enemies and accommodated them at all times, of which now others say they are Coward’s.

To my colleague who graduate’s with me at Dr. John Garang university & students, friends there are no students killed in Bor at the university, neither are there traders killed, who are from Bahr EL Ghazal, by the Dinka Bor People.

I’m appealing to all the Bahr el Ghazal communities & Bor communities out there to stop imparting false information for their political contentment. The South Sudanese won’t fall this way. Don’t let this be an advantage to those who always think of tribalism, I mean those who hate unity of South Sudanese people. Let’s stop all these and come back to our sense of togetherness. we all fought together in the liberation of this country south Sudan’ My dear people, this tribal line must come to an end, for you to demands services and safety from the government of H.E.Salva Kiir Mayardit with his teams including me.

NB. all south Sudanese and different national in Bor are safe!. Moreover, for those who are blaming Sirhkaat protester’s i tell you, since it’s a Democratic system of governance, it’s good for civilians to demands their safety’ from their government.

Finally, I urged law and enforcements agency’s and all authorities in Juba to speed up to claim the situations, for the citizens who are still being under threat and continuation of killing like two guys who have been killed this night. Therefore, authorities in Bor shouldn’t just temper with people’s whom they don’t have relations with.

To Acknowledged Bahr el Ghazal people who are residing in Bor, you will continued to be Free as usual & i urge Bahr el Ghazal people’s to let’s Bor people’s who are within their States to let’s them continued peaceful as usuals.

This Matters is not Bahr el Ghazal and Bor people’s it’s individual matter that government as form the investigation to find out that dispute of land and losing of lived in Sirkhaat should be dig well for the world to known.

I stands in solidarity with those who had lost their Loves once on date 3rd June and 4th June. May Almighty God rest their souls in eternal peace. And continue to heal those with wounds. Amen.

Ahocmoc-Mioor Achuei
Author. People’s leader
(People’s Voice)
In Bor Jonglei state.
Share for the world to known.

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