Seven Errors Debunking The Claims In The Family Statement Of Akook Wol Kiir In The Shirkat Carnage

The late Lt. Col. Lual-marine Akook in an overloaded military gear that makes him resemble a suicide mission mercenary. He had been a sight of terror around the suburban Shirkat of Juba City as the rogue officer used to reap from where he did not sow.

By Jon Pen

Seriously, This family needed professional help! They should not have messed up their case by addressing their statement (letter) in tandem with President Kiir’s upcoming investigation committee. It is clandestinely preemptive with lots of self-incriminating statements therein.

1-  Lual-marine’s shops were grabbed. OK. What if, now, upon seeing this claim, the families of the war heroes whose graves were desecrated and destroyed by Lual Akook could be provoked into protesting to Kiir’s office to demand back the remains of their loved ones? Above all else, the tombs from which the heroes’ body parts were excavated, incinerated and scooped away to an unidentified  dump site, belong to our nation’s SPLA veterans and war heroes like Col. Fanan (Singer) Amos Ajak, Gen. Abdu Sheikh, Sgt. Ngon Deng Ngon, (a Koryom Veteran), Nyanduk Akech, a Katipa Banat (Girls Batallion) veteran, among others.

As if that evil is not enough, more horror is in this sort of a ‘tomb raider’ trauma. Mysterious disappearance of heroes’ tombs to a land grabber has dealt a secondary death blow to the deceased, and then to the members of their families, communities and the entire nation. And here goes the ordeal…

“By nature’s coincidence, Adit Ngon-Gutameer, whose father, Ngon Deng, was buried alongside the great singer Amos Ajak, is married to the son of Amos Ajak. Both died recently while she was away in exile. As she is preparing to come and pay homage and treat the graves of her two fathers, she just heard they are no more! The lady is down now, very devastated by the news!” narrated James Chol Padiet, a cousin.

Honestly, from the video and pictures circulating on Social Media showing this abominable scene, viewers are left wondering whether Lual’s shops were built on the graves or the graves were built in the shops!

The dugout tomb of Amos Ajak Garang

NB: The protester in the video, where Lual-marine’s iron-sheet shops were pulled down on excavated tombstones, bitterly curses (in Dinka), “May the man who committed this heinous abomination immediately accompany those dead people today…!” A few hours after, Lual Akook was pronounced dead!

Video Link to the grafted graveyard:

2- Abuoi (public toilet owner), who is alleged as Lual’s accomplice killer, is said to have been away from Shirkat area that morning. The arrest warrant purported to have been carried by Lual the evening before the fight has so many loopholes it could later turn to damage the case if presented as an affidavit.

NB: This writer cannot stress this point further, as he did not speak to the accused and as the case is developing legal symptoms.

3- The armed escort (6 bodyguards for an Lt. Colonel — 1 star + insignia) claimed to have been ordered to stay put in their cars as the boss went down the park solo to negotiate the hotly contested land deal. Oh really? So why were the Goddamn soldiers transported there in the first place? To only go and “fire in the air” while their leader was struck down by a stick holder: just like that? What happens to military laws and discipline in our country, moreover with such a royalty from the Tiger Batallion of the President?

NB: Only in a love scene would disciplined bodyguards implement ‘social distancing’ on their master.

4- The inclusion of the two generals, namely: Gen. Majier Deng Kur and Gen. Garang Akok Adut, as ring leaders commanding the assassination of Lual Akook and youth protests to overthrow the government, respectively, is a nakedly embarrassing intent to accommodate the Regime’s political interests in that part of the country (Jonglei State). 

NB: It is a shameless selling out of the family’s case to politicians for their bigger benefits.

Leaders of Greater Bor youth associations, namely: Majur Achol of Bor County (on megaphone), Ajang Diing of Twic East (middle) and Juma Arok Makech of Greater Bor who just lost an elder brother Magot Arok Maketh in the morning shootout, jointly asked the protestors to go home as their case was being followed up (June 3, 2020).

5- The generals distributed 2,010 goats and other property of Lual Akook to their Bor youth. Oh, serious! Do the writers know the space 2,000 goats can occupy in Shirkat? Not even that grabbed cemetery, bus park and toilet put together can accommodate the chaotic goats distribution parade.

NB: I hope the writers are in possession of the photos and/or other documentary evidences showing the ‘distribution’ of the property among demonstrators or whoever.

6- Signing a family statement with a county chief’s stamp is very mindboggling!

NB: This writer is allergic to red inks, a traumatic fact that dates back to his school and bush war days!

7- Condemning the First Family’s disowning of Lual-marine. The Presidency as a whole, and the First Family as its unit, are not private but state-run institutions. We, the people, all own them, hence they must be protected from unnecessary taggings, even if the late Lual-marine were sharing some common blood and physical features with the head of state. Therefore, the nation may, in this case, stand with Thiik Thiik Mayardit (on SBS Dinka Radio) and Ateny Wek’s press statements distancing the president from Lual Akook and his messes.

NB: You may ignore the relations proved by the lavish state wedding that was graced by the President and the First Lady who swapped their junior relatives in such a rare marriage arrangement. Don’t ask if the wife of Lual-marine is equally disowned by the First Family together with her husband.

President Kiir’s nephew, Lual Akook (RIP), weds First Lady Ayen Vassili’s niece, Ayen Mia Gregory Vasilli, in a state wedding at J1 in September 2019. Kiir and family have disowned Lual as a ‘distant cousin’, a statement Akook Wol Kiir’s family now regrets.

In conclusion, this reaction is so impromptu and personal an opinion that it may not necessarily reflect the feelings and endorsement of the parties mentioned therein. The write-up is in the context of the voice and interest of the South Sudanese citizenry in the ongoing Shirkat incident that is shaking the base of their nation.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s and do not necessarily represent AFTABOSS’s objectives.

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  1. I’m looking forward to the family of late Lual-Marine to clarify those seven errors.

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