Leave Hon. Acuei Alone, She Is Abled Differently

By Bul Deng Yol

It’s hypocritical of South Sudanese to keeps on calling the current minister of Health incompetent. My people, that position does not need you be a public speaker. The law does not stipulates so. Anyone; abled or abled diffenetly can fit there. It’s not even a technical position thus far. It’s political and required not one to be a doctor. Just like president, the choice of who to lead that ministry is in someone appointing.

Remember, the ministry did not popped up after the current peace agreement but has been there ever since the inception. Have you ever think of auditing the past? Besides, it has been led by highly qualified personals who have filled our hears with all sweet English melodies the queen’s language has availed, but nothing on the ground was seen.

Funding for that very ministry have been constantly there, but have you ever asked yourself of what the highly qualified minister did with that funding before Acuei took over? The ministry was failed long before independence. What the pandemic is doing is unmasking the rot inhibited by that house. Acuei came in when the the virus has firmly take the centre stage and already negotiating with the failing system on how best it will bury the regime. Forth with, the best we can do as of now is to praise Riek for giving us a minister who cannot sugarcoat the situation with the sweetness needed. Which is fine, I’m happy with the exposure.

Imagine Riek Gai leading that ministry, you would be hearing “every household will be issued with a ventilator to fight the virus” and many other flattering words to numb you as usual. I believe no one want to live in fantasy. We want it done and it should not be negotiable, else the future is doom.

South Sudanese are the exactitude of “you need it but you don’t want it”. If you want serviceable ministry, let the rot be exposed and all you do is to strike on the demand to correct the mess.

When will Junubeen get tired of nurturing suffering and making it look like it’s the destiny inscribed by nature? Stupid!!

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