Today We have Failed!

By Ariik Atekdit

We have failed that we have allowed tribalism to rule over patriotism.
We have become tribesmen more than being statesmen.

Our innocent population have all lived and died in worries for so long because of so many negative memories.

South Sudanese have truly discovered that they are overpowered by the organized and the most armed corruption and so we have failed!

The Nation is on starvation as Corona virus tend to be at various corners! Covid-19 is in full control of the country, as we hide off funds for the Pandemic & blindly surrender to the disease.

We Thought that salvation would come our way with Salva as the leader of the Country & that no risk would be experienced as Riek deputized him; but until recently, we saw the two surrendering to the crisis as the Country continue to cry for the loss of lives with State governments not formed.

Our old men dye their hair in denial of their ages in order to maintain offices as the younger population wait to die unemployed or maybe unpaid.

We have never known the difference between a military general and the civil servant in the person of the Director General because they all behave the same. .

The Members of Parliament have adopted the characters of the Military Police against the local population because they think they are all MPs.

The august House debate the National budget every June & July so that all MPs get money in foreign cash in the month of August as the Civil Servants & Military Staff go unpaid throughout the Year!

So Today We have badly failed! We have killed our strong Human Resources and destroyed our beautiful physical infrastructures all in the name of installing democracy or in protection of the so-called legitimacy; However, that is all leading us to the route of catastrophe and Economic Slavery! Therefore, we have undeniably failed.

Whether we have indirectly used Khartoum to overthrow Juba or have successfully convinced Kampala to protect Juba, still we remain the shameful losers in the political drama because even the agreement which is heavily supported by Khartoum – Kampala is difficult to implement in Juba. Therefore, we have failed!

Let’s admit the failure! We have created a country that has no budget for development, payment of staff and/or some spared resources to counter any crisis. And when there is any donations, liberators become always the first to pocket the funds! South Sudan is still paying liberators for war they have fought for us in the past.

As the road agreement with China shames the Nation, the population in South Sudan remains the most cheated in the world!
Nhialic adaai!

Lawlesness & anarchy takes over the country as the Police look into the cash boxes more than onto the inhumane cases reported on daily basis.

A young boy can die innocently at the gunpoint at the immediate watch of his mother and a university law lecturer can be shot at the police station at no man’s help! That is the country we have help to create! Mothers get gang-raped at the watch of their own sons!

Old women & girls as young as 8 are heartlessly gang raped and left to die without any standard medical attention and the perpetrators go at large without being searched or accounted for. We have failed!

We created 32 States for political interest and falsified it as a public demand until the citizens saw a political change of mind without any public consultations. We have failed

As of now the nation goes without any system of Local Government & Law Enforcement at the expenses of the local population with cattle rustling, theft and gang-raping leading the crimes in the country that claim to have signed and implementing R-ARCISS.

The Covid-19 Task Force has no any roles to play apart from announcing the new shooting cases ! We have failed!

The heavy donations for Covid-19 have disappeared into the thin air without any accountability update to the public, as if the funds were meant for individuals’ enrichment. We have badly failed our motherland.

There is nothing more painful and worse than when you realize at the latter time that you are cheated by a person that you assume or believe to be your liberator and a freedom fighter!

So we remained the most cheated population! And therefore, we must blame ourselves for failing to realize for so long that we have been congregating around the individuals that can one day tend to cheat on us!
Nhialic adaai! Yenakan!”

The end

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