BREAKING NEWS: 6 New Cases At Last Today In Juba!

By AFTABOSS Entertainment Writer

It has been confirmed that we have six cases in Juba: two in Muniki and another two at Sirkat, and yet another two in Gudele…

The cases in Sirkat are land dispute cases and the ones in Kator are assault cases. All cases are at the police now.

The two cases in Gudele are a suitcase and a briefcase. Both cases are well taken care of by Jehovah’s Witness.

Oh, they have just reported one case in Hai Saura!


Stay in your house/ Home

The fear is too much, A little laughter at this time is quite soothing

Thank you.


  1. ahaha, the headline was very scary, but then when I was reading very curiously to learn how SSD finally got such cases at once, i fortunately learn that it was just a joke and i was like….better a jok than reality.

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