Start: 02:02, 02.02.2020
Stop: 03:30, 30.03.2020

SNAPSHOT: By this palindromic time and date, 02:02, 02.02.2020, AFTABOSS and Faithbook Mission in technical collaboration with Master Text Collector Ltd. and Faithbook Publishers, agreed to jointly collect 20 essays and 20 poems from South Sudanese Writers, mostly on Social Media, as part of their peace activism tools under the hashtag #Piece4PeaceChallenge2020. The best 20 in both genres will be published in a twin book, entitled, ‘Piece For Peace Challenge’, and the best 3 from each category will win an Essayist of the Year and Poet of the Year Award, respectively. The annual event is collectively known as ‘The Noble Piece Prize’. We accept both old and new pieces on peace and related topics between August 2015 to date, through September 2018, submitted directly by the authors or referred by their readers. The winners will be announced in a grand ceremony on December 12. Faithbook Publishers will publish the book and the proceeds from charity sales will be put to the award ceremony. Individual or organisational orders for peace promotion will carry zero profits.


The Revitalized Government of National Unity (RTGONU) of South Sudan is scheduled to be formed on February 22, 2020. It is based on the Revitalized Agreement for the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (RARCiSS) that was signed by South Sudanese parties and other stakeholders in the war on September 12, 2018 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This may possibly or forcibly happen after a series of deadline extension with an intention by parties, causing much tension in the country and around the region.

Much of this peace agreement, and the war thereof, have been written about by South Sudanese in particular, and the world in general.

Therefore, AFTABOSS (Association of Facebookers, Tweeters And Bloggers of South Sudan) in collaboration with Faithbook Mission hereby call for submission of essays and poems on the topics related to the Revitalized Peace Agreement.

The pieces to be entered into our annual peace activists’ competition dubbed #Piece4PeaceChallenge2020 should be by South Sudanese, of and for South Sudan (peace process).


1- Essays or poems written and submitted raw by their authors

2- Essays or poems written and published on Social Media (SM) or Mainstream Media (MSM)

3- Essays written between August 2015 (ARCISS) and September 2018 (RARCISS), and Upto 20-02-2020 (submission deadline).

4- A writer can submit their piece(s), or any reader can send or recommend such a peace-related story with the link or reference to the source. Our P4P Editorial Committee will contact the authors or publishers for permission for reproduction.


1- Authors should send their pieces by email to:
2- Readers recommending their choicest pieces by their South Sudanese authors should send directly to the above email or recommend them by posting the whole story or its link to the ‘Send Feedback’ button at the bottom of this Facebook Advert;
3- Or join and post it to our Facebook-based group on ‘AFTABOSS Internet’ional’ or page at ‘Faithbook Mission Internet’ional’;
4- Or link or DM them through our Twitter handles, namely:
@aftaboss and @faithbookreader. Please, hashtag your submission to #Piece4PeaceChallenge2020.

3- Indicate on top of your piece the date, source and contact of publication (for those published on electronic or print media).
NB: Pieces already published in books are not accepted.


1- All qualified pieces (essays and poems) will be published in our book entitled ‘Piece For peace Essays — 2020’, or ‘Piece For Peace Poems — 2020’ (By South Sudanese Writers/Poets).

2- The eligible Essays and Poems shall be published on charity basis by Faithbook Publishers in Kampala.

3- The books will be distributed free of charge (as requested by organizations, institutions or groups strictly for peace promotion purposes) by Master Text Collector Lifebrary and Aftaboss in South Sudanese events both at home and abroad.
4- An e-book version of these pieces will be distributed through Amazon (KDP), and/or any other electronic medium with a minimal charitable fee.

5- By the end of this year, the Piece4Peace Challenge (2020) will be wound up with votes by the readers on the essays and poems in the books. The top 3 winning essays and poems, respectively, will receive ‘The Noble Piece Prize’ (Note: Not ‘Nobel Peace Prize’) award to the top 3 South Sudanese essayists and poets of the year in a grand ceremony on December 12.

6- All submitted literary materials will solely be in the custody and use by Faithbook Publishers and partners, with the copyright attributed to the authors and/or primary sources, accordingly.

7- Staffers and direct relatives of the project partners are ineligible.

NOTE: Our literary materials for ‘The Piece4Peace Challenge’ and ‘The Noble Piece Prize’ are part of our not-for-profit projects, which are our contribution to peace dissemination and peace building process in South Sudan. AFTABOSS has been an integral member of the CSO negotiation delegations (Technical Team) on the ARCSS, HLRF and RARCSS process since February 2014.

For any further inquiries, please, email them to:
4- Hit the ‘Send Feedback’ button at the end of this Advert.

Telephone Contacts:
Kampala: +256782 788 088
Nairobi: +254 712 235 997
Juba: +211 928 496 025

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