By Jon Pen de Ngong

Corona Virus Comes hot; not in a Corona or Corolla car, it comes in an aeroplane. The virus is a very VIP one! It boards a Business Class.

So what is our problem here? Our country has no health detective equipment, even a wireless thermometer (or whatever medics call it) like the one I saw at Jomo Airport the other day.

So, what is my proposal here? Simple! His Excellency should send one decree on SSBC: “All Chinese and other shine-knees (airborne travellers), if they arrive alive, should be put in quarantine till after Valentine period. Period!”

And if not so, then what? We let other 400,000 survivors of the war of senselessness die of an imported virus? No! Never! Over my dead buddy!

As for me and my like-mindeds, no flying ‘anyhowly’ in 2020 till ‘mother notice’! And who my like-minded citizens be like? Anybody who thinks so, like the good African Samaritan who messages I got online here.

“Hundreds of Chinese left Africa for China to celebrate their annual festival – Lunar New Year – to return next week. At the moment over 300,000 Chinese are already infected with Corona virus.

“The AU and national governments should take serious precautionary and preventive actions before we have an epidemic in Africa if some of them return with the virus. Coronavirus in Africa will be a giant catastrophe. Please circulate this until those in authority get it and can take the necessary action.”

Welle! Nobody will listen to this concerned citizen of the world on this continent. Why not?

I bet by my Betty, my second wife if I were a polygamist. This is a fact generally witnessed: ‘oyol’ is thicker than blood and dollar more precious than life in South Sudan. Let’s bet if there is doubt. I bet my Oppo (Reno 2F) if the Chinese will not land in JIA for Paloch and thereabouts.

So help us, God


What is coronavirus?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), coronaviruses are a family of viruses that cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as SARS and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS).

And if I were to be asked about the measures for prevention, my intervention would be as simple as a dietary ban. Let Chinese not eat anything, in fact, any living thing on earth, without first testing their eatability in their food laboratories.

Am I being obscene or off-scene? OK. It’s your turn…!

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