By Pal Chol

Let me take this chance to congratulate and salute heartedly His Excellency PM Dr Abbiy Ahmed for having won the Nobel Peace Prize awarded by the Noreegian Nobel Committee.

That is what it takes to be a people’s leader. Leaders keep the security of their people; they provide their livelihoods;they reconcile the people and above all they create a conducive environment for political pluralism.
They also live in peace with their neighbors.

Moving with tanks and armoured personnel carriers mounted with GPHMGs doesn’t prolong life. It makes one leave behind a bad legacy. It is just scaring at certain times.

I hope our grandads and fathers will take a leaf from him. He has made the Ethiopians and the Africans proud.
My message to the PM is that tell those old folks in their declining years to stabilise their countries.
Leaders are role-models.
Leaders become not what they should be when they turn against their people.

Good and exemplary leaders don’t find solace in killing, maiming and subjecting the people they rule to all sorts of brutalities.

Are they not embarrassed now and challenged that the young can rule better than their dads and grandads?

Leaders who impose themselves on the people do not command much respect. Tell them to leave Africans to choose the leaders they want.
Those despots may not be happy with your achievements but go ahead; God is on your side.

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