LET’S AMPUTATE ANNET: Dear Good Samaritans, Annet Is Back To The Street; Please, Help Her!

The first day Ajah Chol met Annet Namakula on Kampala street.

By Ajah Chol Manyiel

The very first time I met Annet Namakula was when I was on my own mission downtown in Kampala. I passed near her and dropped a note of Shs1000 as it is a common practice usually done as a way of showing sympathy and help to the person begging along the pavements and verandas of different buildings; whose health conditions convince people of why they should be helped.

The case of Annet became different as I left asking myself of how helpful this little money I gave would be to her and realized that it would not even contribute to 1% of her medical bills and this forced me to go back to her and had to think of a better way I would be of help. I took the first step by taking a pic with her as I was holding back my tears since people had gathered around us to find out why I was wasting my time smelling all the stench that comes from her rotting arm and taking a picture with her.

Annet and Bridget, her brave street nurse

The pictures I took with her then led to a post I made on Facebook, which attracted the attention of hundreds of people across the globe through their likes, comments and shares on their media platforms. One of my friends and a close relative in Australia immediately reacted by creating a fundraiser where people who sympathized with Annet’s condition contributed the little they had much as they had their own problems to take care of; may God bless them for being so kind and for believing in us.

It was during this fundraiser when I got the sad news of the passing away of my brother’s wife hence had to travel back to my country to spend some time with my family . My colleague Ngong Aluong (Jon Pen) then had to take over the roles since I was away and took Annet to Mulago Hospital using the little funds that were raised in Australia. The young lady had to go through blood transfusion, several tests were done to examine what disease she suffers from, including her shopping, upkeep and transportation. All these were done by the little money our fellow good Samaritans had raised.

However, we got so disappointed when she escaped from the hospital and went back to the streets due to stigma which she says that people complained of the stench from her arm and the strong pain killer she buys on the streets which she couldn’t get from the hospital all the time: and had gotten addicted to it; since it drives out all the pain for a short time.

The doctors had planned to amputate her arm the same week she ran away from the hospital and this made it impossible. We almost gave up on her but then we couldn’t allow our feelings to control our love for humanity. Though the money got done with no positive results we had to keep on pressing harder to see her a better person of tomorrow and showed her that there’s still hope.

I went back today to check on her and discovered that all her bones got fractured with only the flesh exposed rotting terribly. So I had to go to Nsambya hospital and requested for the quotation of how much her treatment would take and was given the amount which I alone can’t manage to fund, yet she needs to be taken to the hospital for her second time by us as soon as possible.

Any good Samaritan outside there is highly requested to be part of this act of humanity.

Annet and Bridget, her fellow street sister (nurse) at Mulago Hospitall on September 17, 2019. Photo by Jon Pen de Ngong.

#God bless our first donors
# Let’s be the hope the world has been waiting for
#Never give up until the battle is over
#Support Annet Namakula

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