President SALVA Kiir and Dr Riek Machar in conversation

Here it goes like this–

SALVA KIIR __ Dr Riek Machar you are Highly welcome to Juba my brother and feels at home.

Dr Riek Machar— thank you very much your Excellency for welcoming me in good faith.

SALVA KIIR___ I’m ready to work with you for betterment of South Sudanese and our country.

Dr Riek Machar__ Yes I’m always ready to deliver services to my community.

SALVA KIIR __ I hope you will not cause war against .

Dr Riek Machar__ Macuildit, I’m tied of war and staying in foreign countries, I need to stay peacefully with my people in my country and we developed it like other cities.

SALVA KIIR— well Inu, South Sudan need all of us to develop it as you said but I’m afraid maybe some of your camamader may cause destruction again.

Dr Riek machar,—- well, for the case of my commander’s , they do everything through my directives but the will not do anything as peace is concerns.

SALVA KIIR— How is your health regarding your eye cancer?

Dr Riek Machar____ well my health is a bit okay, though I do go for blood transfusion every month which cost alot of dollars.

SALVA KIIR __ it’s good news that you are okay.

Dr Riek Machar____Your Excellency, did you know that I have a team in your office?

SALVA KIIR____ well, Inu you might be right but who are those people?

Dr Riek Machar___ hahahha, I think you know them by yourself especially those who always cook propaganda in order to fire Governors and ministers every now and than.

SALVA KIIR ____ you are right, but I hope you are ready for the formation of Transitional government Of Unity.

Dr Riek Machar ____ ofcours Macuildit, I’m ready to serve my community.

SALVA KIIR ___ why did you choose to come with 68 people from your tribes alone, and leave other tribesmen who fought with you.

Dr Riek Machar __ well, your Excellency, the history is too long but one thing I want tell you, is that I don’t trust any tribe apart from my community.

SALVA KIIR ___ do you remember what Pop Francis told us?

Riek Machar __ I don’t remember and I don’t even believe in God zatu, Ngundeng is my god.

SALVA KIIR__ for me , I remembered, he told us to put interests of people first rather than political interests.

SALVA KIIR __ who are those people behind Red movement?

Dr Riek Machar ____oh I don’t know them really but they were targeting Regime change in Juba but they failed,

In conclusion South Sudanese need permanent peace not fake peace

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