Draconian Verbal Traffic Laws

By – Tearz Ayuen –

Dear Michael Chiengjiek, the minister of interior,
You do not pay (well) your boys and girls in a white uniform. As a result, they line up by every road and street in Juba day in day out (as early as 4am) to pull over motorists with the sole intent to beg for or demand money over issues unrelated to traffic offenses such as driving while wearing dreadlocks or vest.

But then, the motorists, with time, started refusing to entertain the nonsensical mendacity and extortion by driving on. Now, you are saying your boys and girls must open fire on drivers. Okay.

Honorable Minister, you based your decision on tinted window “menace” – that criminals hide behind those shaded windows as they execute their plots. Really?

This is preposterous. First of all, there are two types of tints, namely: the shade and factory tints. The dark shade is fitted on windows here in Juba. It’s removable. I understand such heavily tinted vehicles are driven by security agents, particularly the omnipotent national security boys.

Factory tint is a thin shade that comes with cars from Japan. It’s irremovable. These vehicles are imported mostly by young men and women in the private sector.

They are approved by your ministry to enter the country the way they are. And this particular vehicles, mostly Subaru, have been an issue with your ministry officials who believe that they are used to carry “people’s wives and daughters” – a very archaic (7th century) thinking.

By the way, when did it become traffic police’s business to ensure that no one carries somebody else’ wife or daughter?
You and other senior officials at your ministry also believe that only the non-V8 vehicles are used by “criminals” to execute their criminal activities. And with your line of thinking, everyone is a gangster and must be gunned down. Okay.

Well, it appears that you do not know what you are talking about. The citizens you wish death upon are some of the main pillars of this economy. Actually, they are the reason the sick economy has not left the ICU for the mortuary. Think. They are a very productive lot. They work 8 to 5 for companies, local and international NGOs and UN agencies. They pay taxes, taxes that are pocketed by your peers.

This and previous orders are illegal and call for defiance because you are basing them on your individual emotions. Mr. Draco, this is the 21st century. Rules and orders must be based on legislation, not emotions. The Traffic Act, 2003 does not mention tinted windows. If you want to operate within the law, have your emotions discussed at the TNLA.

Therefore, the order to shoot lawfully defiant motorists is criminal itself and you should be held accountable for such a reckless irresponsible utterance you call order.

Tearz of Motorists © 2019

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