Dreams of a Citizen

By Alith Cyer Mayar

Growing into a flowing world,
Trying to understand if I could exist in it,
Or perhaps achieve,
In order to live a life of an impact.
I am not asking you to drop your identity and culture
But you could do for the negativity,
Then we would work together for the better!

If I could tell you my story,
You wouldn’t put me as your worry,
Because together we will be for glory,
To celebrate a shared victory of the metaphor of a tree.
Do I even trust myself before I could trust another?
Maybe I can for a brother!
Well, this journey is so thorny,
Here comes my identity which I trust with dignity,
A culture with which we shall define our future
Perhaps as a community, we shall come with our strategy and philosophy!

To be efficient and peaceful,
Might be to understand and trust one another
For the better of our community hence a need for unity,
Couldn’t that be a beginning for the co-existence?
I would love to have a network,
To connect and globally perfect,
As a team we form the art of different energies,
This could be soft or hard to address our challenges for sustainable changes.

Ever thought of an Analogue dialogue!
A need to build tribes that destroy tribalism,
When will we have a national identity?
We could change the reasons and conditions of the system!
Our aspirations shouldn’t be selfish to the future generation,
In finding our resources and source
For ownership of our development,
Of a certain people and government.

Why would we focus on woman’s right?
When her own children aren’t enjoying their rights,
humans made life a power walk instead of a journey,
Hence the vulnerable not talking nor joining the walk!

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