So Binyavanga wainaina is gone!

By James Mungai

So Binyavanga wainaina is gone. And so everyone is talking about him. Some are praising him for his exemplary accomplishments in literature. A few still are admiring his bravado spirit in his activism life. Still others are sympathizing with the fact that he died at a young age. But a big majority are condemning his life. Wondering why he didn’t die earlier. Calling him all sort of filthy names. How evil he was. How disgusting his life was.
Though I respect all these views, I choose to disagree with those condemning him. Those calling him names. Those wishing him RIH (rot in hell).
So many people have blatantly refused to conceptualize the basic argument behind human rights. I know this because every time I raise the argument, even to my learned friends, i always get such responses like are you gay? if your parents were gay, would have been born? if all of us were gay, where will the children come from? How can you support such a disgusting act? etc etc etc. The fact of the matter is am not gay. I can’t even think or dream of being such. I actually find myself shivering whenever i imagine how they live. (I actually believe they will not see heaven!!🙁) But does that make them less humans than me? No. They are born differently from me. Their perceptions of relationships are different from mine. Many people make the mistake of thinking that because you SUPPORT people who have a certain ideology, then you are a PART of that ideology. Wrong!
When is see people bashing, castigating and discriminating against people with a different sexual orientation, I wonder if they are just being emotional or if they are being rational.
Do you know how terrorism, religious extremism and radicalization started? It started when people believed that anyone with a contrary belief to theirs is evil and should die. Close your eyes for a moment and absorb this point. Please do. In fact if you wish all gays/lesbians/pagans etc should not live, then you are a TERRORIST. Otherwise how different are you from the suicide bomber who wishes other people should die since their belief is different?
Without being too emotive on the same. Let’s learn something simple here. Let’s call the today’s topic HUMAN RIGHTS. What is it? or What are they? These are fundamental treatments, services and assumptions that you qualify simply because you are a Human. Human rights, unlike Human freedoms, cannot be taken away from you by anyone as long as you are alive. Basically (and very very simply) anything that a human being does, which doesn’t infringe onto your rights as a fellow human is considered that person’s right. Anything that does the contrary is considered an abuse of human rights. How do gays infringe on your rights?
End of today’s lesson. Class dismissed.

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