By Dut-machine de Mabior

An ancient debate in Kakuma rocked our compound after supper. Postulated positions and hypothesis were brought forward in regard to the point of contention.

“Birdd have scale on their feet and that’s why they stand on a live electrical wire but not strucked”, Matiop declared.

As he went ahead to complete his point, Akur intejected; “No! Scale you see on birds is not under the palm of their feet but rather on tibia” to invalidate the other point. “I think conductors are insulated and that’s why”, he added but Alier said he had been in Down Kenya where High Voltage Transmission cables were un-insulated. The debate squared up in limbo.

6 years later while a second year student studying circuit theory, it’s avid clear a bird on a naked conductor does not form a circuit to offer the easiest pass for current to flow. Due to lack of a neutral or ground, resistance in a bird remains as high to still force current flow foward through the conductor.

Electrically, a human is safe hanging on a live wire not touching the ground or any other wire to form a short circuit for flow of electrons hence electrocution.

Finally, the debate is settled.


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