The Man Who Fired The First Shot In Bor On May 16, 1983

Captain Bullen Alier Nhial-Mangardit was the leader of 105 Battalion at Malualchat South East of Bor town. Those who are not familiar with history might have been convinced by songs or stories told by people who research nothing. It is, however, essential for young people or adults who might have missed to learn the real history to grab the chance now. Bullen Alier Nhial Mangardit is a veteran of Anyang one.

The unit that became 105 battalion is one of the historical units before it was absorbed into the Sudanese army. Many of the soldiers at Malualchat especially 105 were once led by Akuela Manyuon, Dr John Garang, Jairo Mac, Ajith Manyangdit and Ahmed Garang Deng Bol among others. Alier rose to the rank and became the commanding officer for 105 Battalion. In 1983, Alier was the captain responsible for Malualchat barrack. If you are not familiar with Bor town, then it is surrounded by three significant suburbs. Malualchat to the South East, Pakuau to the East and Langbar to the North East.

For years now, many South Sudanese have attributed the start of the war to 105 or our late hero Karbino Kuanyin Bol, but the real history tells the reverse. It was the Sudanese army soldiers from Juba, and the reinforcement from the north who joined up in Pariak then return to attack Malualchat. During the hours of the attack according to eyewitnesses, one of which is Mama Nyandeng Karbino. For strategic reasons, Mangook was in Bor Centre (Karakon), Dr John Garang was in Langbaar and Capt. Alier was with the soldiers in Malualchat. Karbino came after the attack had already happened and the soldiers at Malualchat were dislodged.

The fighting continued toward the town and that when other people were killed, and Karbino was injured. Khamis, the commanding officer, eventually died there. The military ranking system, however, attributes military operations to the senior officer and Karbino was at that moment the senior to Bullen Alier Nhial. Hence, next time, when talking about 105, know who the officer was. One day I will write about being with you in 1989-90. You were a humble person and we do hope that your legacy endures and your role be remembered. May God rest his soul in peace.

We should deconstruct the wrong old narrative. Great piece brother Ajak Deng Chiengkou.

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