Agony as nurses starts strike Thursday morning in Yirol Hospital

By Reporters Without Tribes, in Yirol

Patients across the state are staring at agonizing movements as nurse’s strike which left state hospital in cripple stages since all nurse are strikes ,Reporters without Tribes have try to have access to the hospital and find no doctors nor even nurses attending the patients at their wards,

According to one of official who have been contacted by Reporters Without Tribes told media that strike was over delayed payment as well deductions of their salaries without explanation or proper procedure that be followed .
He further saying state government also order the police to arrest the striking nurses which has results to some of them being arrested and taken to the police .eye witness told the media on phone nurses were beaten by police .

No medical practitioners on the main state hospital especially all units of the hospital were left in function,

Nurses strikes paralyses operations in the hospital with the state capital Yirol some of the issues including renewal of the contracts between nurses demands better working environment and also vows to strengthen their contracts will enhanced allowances services allowance to be monthly and promotions , state minister of health is yet to verify over the incidents

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