By ZeeMachar

Like most of the S. Sudanese that resides in Egypt, this kid had to work in order to raise money for school in September 2019.

98% of the S. Sudanese families in Egypt are working in unskilled labours, popularly known as “#Osheen” this is basically housekeeping, Grocery Clerks, and factories work for Students.

The salary of these types of jobs rank from $50 to $150 USD per month. And the cheapest rent for the poorest empty flat is $50 USD per month.

Consequently all family members MUST work regardless of their age in order to offset the basic living expenses.

I’ve been living in Egypt for 20 years now, unfortunately these are the frequent news we hear everyday.

I don’t blame the Egyptian, neither the families who are sending their children to these kind of jobs; I blame the Sudanese, and the current South Sudanese leaders who are heartless enough to continue war and instability.

I, and many others who have known nothing but being refugee are tire of escaping death from our brothers with guns and power.

We’re tired of mockeries and inhumane treatments. We’re tire of being called Monkeys and Palm trees because of our skin and height.

We cannot die bearing these humiliations, we MUST rectify them. If we’re not capable enough to unite in order to stop the Monsters that scattered us than let’s humble ourselves and plea for God to do the work for us.

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