Born in Bul Nuer community headquarter Mayom on 1/1/1964 as stipulated by his direct
relative. Bul land geographically positioned
at the Western part of Bentiu.
Died on 15/4/2019 at 700 pm in International
Hospital Royal Care in Sudan capital Khartoum on Monday respectively.

Late General Peter Gatdet Yak Majiek Goah
took his earlier youth age to North Sudan
and joined Sudan Army Forces since 1978.
Fought in Iraq of 1982 when during ruined
of President Mohammed Jaafar El Nimeiry.

He had indeed joined Spla/Splm in 1985 and
as a sergeant and promoted to S/major in
Tumsa Battalion in Western Upper Nile
Region Bentiu.
In July on 7 1987, officers and NCOS of Petrol
created Battalion fighting in Bentiu oil field were released to under going training courses
in Ethiopian territory at Bunga Revolutionary
college. Peter Gatdet Yak Majiek himself was
amongst the officers and NCOS moving to
Bunga via Bilpham.

The mission was under Captain Ruai Kuol Jal
and others senior officers.
When we arrived Kongor in Bor north 1987,
Peter Gatdet and others Spla None commissioned officers promoted 2nd lt officers by Commander in Chief Dr John Garang de Mabior before our arrival to Bilpham.
Captain Ruai Kuol Jal the present FVP Gen.
Taban Deng was Spla/Splm political commissar on the time, received a message
from Dr. John that he would needing energetically 2nd lt from the forces going to

Captain Ruai Kuol and others senior officers
including Political Commissar were meeting
to select one good active officer.
Immediately I had then proposed Peter Gatdet and approved at once on consensus.
However I was then told to select 50 good
soldiers as Spla Platon with one Sergeant
called Gatnyai Riang from Jikany.
Handed over the platoon to 2nd Lt Peter Gatdet Yak Majiek Goah.
2nd Lt Peter Gatdet got his first deployed
in Dr John Garang Headquarter as an especial
guard officer in 1987 the same year of his promotion.

Gene Peter Gatdet moved to many Spla/Splm
Locations together with CIC as an especial
guard. He had then been employed at the
Ketibo in Eastern Equatoria as commander
of the Artilleries depots as first Lt officer.
He joined Dr Riek Machar Teny South Sudan
United movement/ South Sudan united Army
June 1995 through Ayod and differed with
Cdr Elijah Hon Top. Gen Peter Gatdet deported to Leer by humanitarian aircraft
with his heavy weapons.

On 26 June 1996, Gen Peter Gatdet was given a task force to reinforced forces in
Akobo. From there therefore fought a great
dealt in side of Dr Riek Machar Teny Dhuorgen
movement and took the command of Lou Nuer territory against Spla/Splm penetration
into Akobo land.
He was basically became an strongest officer
fighting in Dr. Riek Machar movement of 1991
Coup against Spla/Splm mainstream.

In 1997 Rubnyagai hostilities which divided
forces under Dr Riek Machar into two group.
One group mostly Bul Sons and Daughters
shown their loyalty to Gen Pualino Matip Nhial
after Bul Sons Officers were just murdered in
cool blood near Bentiu Town by the other side
of Cdr late Tito Biel Chuor Puot who has shown his loyalty to Dr Riek Machar Teny.
Peter Gatdet swift side and went to Khartoum
from Akobo the same year of 1997 late months.
Gen Peter Gatdet became operational Commander from Gen Pualino Matip group
based in Mankien and Mayom 1998 to 1999
Peter Gatdet Yak Majiek was promoted General from Sudan Government under
Gen Pualino Matip Nhial loyalist support for
Sudan Government fighting side by side.

Gen Peter Gatdet on September 6 1999 took
command from Pualino Matip Nhial men and
moved outside from Bentiu to Nhial Diu
South West of Bentiu town. Immediately then
Gen Peter Gatdet has nevertheless declared
his loyalist on his behalf of the Forces under
him to Dr John Garang deManior
Chairman and Commander in Chief of Spla/Splm. Automatically he has been indeed
accepted and told to do operation in WUNR
Gen Gatdet have done very tremendous operation against General Pualino Matip Forces supported by Sudan army forces.
Sudan Arial Antonov bombardment falling
like rain from Bentiu sky. Gen Peter Gatdet
got defeating both enemies from his defending Spla/Splm locations.

On 12 /12/ 2002, Gen Gatdet Yaka defected
from Spla/Splm from Nairobi to Khartoum
capital of Sudan.
Again joined Gen Matip Nhial Forces as well.
On 8 June 2006 Gen Pualino Matip however
had staging his declaration to merger his
Forces to Spla/Splm interim government
under Gen Salva Kiir Mayardit Vice President
of Sudan and President of Splm/Spla Interim
Governments and Commander in Chief.
That known as June declaration.
Gen Peter Gatdet authorized for integration
of their forces with Gen Matip Nhial in Bentiu
where their forces have were assembling from
at 7 kilometers from Bentiu called Thian location.

General Peter Gatdet was assigned as commander of Air defense in the Spla General headquarter in Juba.
He was delegated to leading Abyei war in
And also had taken deployment as Deputy of
General Santino Deng Wol in division 3.
Gen Peter Gatdet took permission from D 3
and went Juba.
Gen Peter Gatdet went to Khartoum 2010
and became commander in Chief of SSLM/A
Which under Gen. Bapiny Manytuil In Sudan
capital Khartoum. Gen James Gai Yoach and
Later Cdr. Philip Bephean Machar were there.

Gen Peter Gatdet came back to Juba in 2012
and deployed as division 8 Commander in
Bor Headquarter Pandier.
In the meantime of 2013 crises of 15/12/ and 16/12/ respectively.
General had swiftly shown his support to Dr
Riek Machar Teny and his group allowing
them to move to Bor town which eventually
under Gen Peter Gatdet jurisdictions.
Gen Gated Yaka was given assignment of
Deputy Chief of General staff of IO Movement
under Dr Riek Machar Teny as Chairman and
Commander in Chief of IO movement.

In 2015 instanced, Gen Peter Gatdet Yak Majiek Goah quite Dr Riek Machar mainstream
IO movements and came to Khartoum where
he had an opportunity to form his Movement
Called SSUM/SSUAf. In which he was leading
as Chairman and Commander in Chief until
his his untimely death on 15/4/2019 Monday.
In a real sense, he was member of Signatories
Revitalize Peace Agreement signed in Khartoum Sudan 2018.
He had therefore been elected Chairman
of South Sudan Opposition Alliance
2019 in Sudan capital Khartoum.

Gen Peter Gatdet Yak Majiek Elder Son called
Yak Peter Gatdet Yak Majiek murdered in Bor
Pocs in cool blood 2015 as a revengeful from
those dubiously South Sudanese people
who forcefully against Bul community members.
Peter Gatdet Yaka died unhealthy no concrete
building houses even unbuilt land plots he has not. Very fond of giving away his wealth to whoever comes a crossed his whereabouts
regardless his tribe of political affiliations.
Died therefore with empty hands without due
properties as the Generals in South Sudan
without doubts are Wealthy.
Gen Gatdet devoted all his times in supporting
his actual community Bul Chol Geah and
Bul community themselves love him.
Most of Gen Gatdet problems are brought
about himself. Because he has no reasoning
to differentiate his real who is his enemies.
But cited that all people are his friends despite you fought him yesterday, today you
will be his real brother.
General Peter Gatdet very professional in his
Military activities. Quick to take action and heartedly General who does not know is to
against him because his open atmosphere.
Brave his lost is very painful to Bul community
particularly, to the Four Nuer Sectors as well
as to the Republic of South Sudan Government.
He was not hospitalized long in the hospital
of Royal Care. Only one and unfortunately
passed away the same day.

His social status.
1- born in 1/1/1964
2-Gender Male
3- place of birthday Mayom County/Bentiu
Unity State.
4- Marital status Married and have children.
5- Religion Christian
6- Education have background of education.
Gen Gatdet Yaka hail from Chieng Jurbeeh
Sub clan in Bul community./Mayom County.

Thanks to the Relatives, Colleagues and Friends who have shared this painful times
with since his death on 15/4/2019.
Also many thanks to the dignitaries personality who have shown their support
in sprit and letters to us in mourning this
critical time. Indeed my sincerity thanks the
important personalities who were attempted
their times to display General Peter Gatdet
Yak Majiek CV officially in government institutions.
Am asking the almighty God to receive his
eternal soul in peace.

James Liliy Kuol
Chairperson of Bul Community

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