Are we really broke as a country?

By Sebit William

Have you ever wondered how Governments are very broke when it comes to provision of Services, (Water, Electricity, medical services, Roads) and Paying civil servants’ salaries or Money for implementation of peace agreement but can easily afford Travels that cause millions of dollars?

Why is it so easy for instant; for the Government to release a million or more US dollars for a delegation travelling to other countries than approving two hundred thousand dollars (200,000 USD) to striking medical Doctors for non-payment of their salaries?

An insider in Rome told me that there are over 50 south Sudanese advanced team including the delegation of the First Vice President who are now based at a Five Star (5*) Rome Cavalieri, A Waldorf Astoria Resort. The President, the Leader of the opposition, Mama Rebecca Garang will all be travelling with their delegation to the Vatican. That will cause us millions of Dollars.

The question remains, why do our Leaders like going to other countries/cities in the name of looking for Peace? Addis Ababa, Kampala, Arusha, Nairobi Khartoum and now Rome?
Can’t we organize a peace retreat at Kuron Peace Village and invite members of the Vatican? We would save millions for the cantonment of our Arm forces as the peace agreement demands.

Why do we have a delegation of over 50 individuals to the Vatican for a two days meeting with the Pope, a meeting that might not last for 3 hours altogether spending millions in the process?
While we are crying broke when it comes to implementing the same peace we are looking for?
Are we really Broke?
The world we are crying to that we are broke and have no money for the implementation of the peace agreement is watching. You can’t come to me crying that your children are starving and yet I see you eating in Five-star hotel every day. Only a mad man can help in this scenario.

I know that our blood boils when a question of accountability is raised. In my Interview with the President’s Spokeperson Ateny Wek Ateny, I asked him who pays for this trip? Ateny told me the Vatican only extended an invitation but it’s the Government who pays for most of it…That will include for Dr.Machar and his delegation, Mama Rebecca Garang and her delegation of course it’s a Must for the President and his first Vice President.
When I asked how much will be spent on this trip? Ateny said, “the issue of people asking money, how much money South Sudan is paying for this and that is not appropriate in the circumstances” He said even in the Vatican, money is spent when the Pope is visiting. When I pushed him that the citizens deserve to know for the sake of accountability…Ateny replied that, it’s not any citizen in the street that can ask for accountability. Not even Sebit William but only the Member of parliament who were elected by the citizens.

In a country where the Members of Parliament have sold their rights to ask for accountability at 40,000 USD, I believe It is every citizen right to ask, where and how their money is spent?

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