Who Are The Real Enemies To South Sudan?

By Wani Michael

For some of us who can’t get the chance to meet the president but decided to put our concerns and ideas public are given names.

For some of us without any place to live in, South Sudan is the only home we’ve for life. Demand for better health services, going through the pain of watching our own children dying in hospitals because we don’t have any well equipped facilities are labelled enemies of the State.

Some of us would like to see infrastructural development Implememted to facilitate easy businesses movement and the fight against poverty. We are given names!

When we demand for better schools and education for our children, you are given names and eventually told to perish silently.

When citizens question policies and laws that grossly affect them, they are told to bear the situation. When people can’t make phone calls, businesses collapsing because communication is important in any business, families and relationship breakdown because people can’t communicate with their dear ones. They tell you to bear!

When youth demand for jobs and conducive environment for them to explore their talents, the youth are also given names.

To me the real enemies of the State are those who continue to feed the State with lies. Are those in government using public funds to keep their children abroad in better schools and medical centres. Are those who take their children and sick families members to Chinese hospital, JMC and Care Plus but the poor have to deal with the conditions and situation of the public health centres. If calling some of us enemies because we want the best for our country, so be it.

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