Not at all, I mean president Kiir might have no clue about this. By saying the truth, If university main gate remain open, it doesn’t grantee being operational. The registration has been suspended, medical student’s practises at various clinics, and hospitals is suspended. Our future is sus-pend-ed. As if time is not money in Africa and more specially South Sudan, our valuable time and future is being kept hostage. We are being intentionally and niggardly buried alive!

Who is responsible here? Until further notice emptly laid by council of ministers has becomes a trapping hole that we unhelpfully fallen in deeply. It’s now a canning stick turned against students by the administration. Our crying tune seems unheard, our government has folded their hands and stance. We are left whipping our eyes and stretching our heads in a vacuum. We are as if we didn’t drawn the attention from government to backed us up.

However, as I said it earlier in my previous article, we didn’t betrayed our vice chancellor either did our president do but abiding to the systems and obligations, president Kiir came to our rescue. We were crying out for our fundamental right. Thus, If this is a Country where laws and systems are compromised, as we compromised enough why shouldn’t we be favored too?

Caution, if you helped the needed one stand firm and see whether your helps has addressed the targets. Presidential directive suspending tuition fees hike is unsteady, it has not smothen or has it water down the fire. Our university is silently closed down. Therefore, as it wasn’t our wish, we need our able leadership without seeing left or right to order the Ministry of finance to release the fund directly to university account. We know and we are quite sure our government is obligatory to address this. I am seeing what others are not, malevolence elements or evil wishers are smiling, taking it as an opportunity to preach, judging it as a failure of the government. So, our government must prove them wrong. Prioritize this ASAP!

UoJ student.
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