To Establish South Sudan Free Of To And Corruption, Dr. Wais Must Resign

By William Ezekiel

The pre-interim period set by the Revitalized Peace Agreement on Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan is just at the offing with nothing best scored up to now, apart from the organization frequent failures.
First of all, the pre-interim eight months time, is provided to enable all parties to the agreement to undergo forces reorganization and rearrangement in their cantonment sites, in order to form a unified taskforce capable of protecting VIPs during transitional period with a prime objective to avoid recurrence of 2016 statehouse dogfight among protection units.
Other reasons for the creation of pre-interim period were to establish TBC and IBC specifically tasked with identification of community borders, determination of number of states etc, besides formation of National Constitutional Review Committee etc.
All the above mentioned institutions, their establishment were very critical but Dr. Ismail Wais, Chief Envoys of IGAD has through out pre-interim time been giving a blind eye and a deaf ear to numerous calls and demands for formation.
Dr. Ismail Wais and IGAD must be blamed and also held directly accountable for such a deliberate negligence.
Hence, Dr. Wais must end keeping South Sudanese hostage to its unproductive efforts to bring peace to their bleeding country.
By the way, we are not sudden and the innocent South Sudanese too, at how this toothless, decisionless and visionless regional body behaves, when it comes to issues pertaining to South Sudan.
And to honestly avoid further bloodshed from happening or any other form of mayhem as is the case now, Dr. Ismail Wais, the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), Chief Envoys must resign, his organization must handover mediation to either African Union (AU) or directly to UNSC to decide what next.
There’s no more people to get killed by the enemies of South Sudan, and no further bloodbath to take place anymore, what is required is just only a decisive organization capable to take swift measures in due time.
IGAD must admit its countless failures to peace implementation progress, and it must also accept responsibility for the killings and subsequent death of thousands and thousands of souls in unprovoked war before and after signing R-ARCSS.
Another fact is that it must apologize to the remaining innocent South Sudanese currently at the verge of extinction.
Dr. Wais seems to be reproducing the same episode of President Festus Mogae, former Head JMEC, who wasted all his efforts and time persuading parties to implement the accord in vain.
When asked, then His Excellency Mogae replies implementation is positively moving forward until it reached to the point of hunting down of Dr. Machar by President Kiir in 2016.
H. E. Festus Mogae resigned and Dr. Ismail Wais assumed the office as new Chief Envoys, but the two guys look like two faces of one coin.
Perhaps they don’t understand the nature and attitude of various South Sudanese ethnic groups.
Their weak approach has cause untold number of agonies and lost of lives in addition to wide spread practices of tribalism, nepotism, favouritism and so on and so forth.
The issue of unending belligerent mood by South Sudanese government to peace agreement needs to be tackled at wider scope not at IGAD level to ensure smooth run process.

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