et us Speak the Truth:

We are not seeing any political will from the government, and absent of such a will is behind the delay of the activities required for the formation of what they call the RTGoNU.

South Sudanese people fear the men in uniform for what they have acknowledged from them the past years, and they cannot attract them if they are still carrying guns wherever they are around the country.

The incumbent government and the opposition groups need to take this as the actual responsibility to attract the aspirations of the ordinary people of South Sudan whose hope was defeated by wars and conflicts, and should not hesitate for it.

The solution of our problem must be comprehensive which should involve every corners where conflict could arise such as the issue of the States and their boundaries which is the root cause of the extreme rebellions in this country afterwards.

Leaders should ignore the perpetrators whose Jobs are to criticise what could be the interest of the people of South Sudan, for this reason, they should only focus on what they have agreed upon rather than making it different from its teaching.

There are people psychologically infected by the consequences of the wars in Juba and many other areas, and are only left to disturb the public in media by telling lies and negative provocations, such elements must be ignore for they are insignificant.

We need really commitment not pretension from the parties and specially the government to splendid the smooth running of the implementation of this agreement in letter and spirit.

Our people will not return home if we don’t make this peace practical based on how they read it in the text.

Mr. Mayom Chol
Ordinary Citizen of South Sudan.

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