From our new ‘citizen journalism’ partners who call themselves ‘Chai Chat Snoops’, our editorial team has allowed the publication of the following newspiece as part of our objectives to give the voiceless their voice and public access to backdoor dealings in matters affecting them.

A photoshopped portrit of President Kiir that is doing the round on Social Media in the shape of a Catholic cardinal morphed onto the name of Kiir and a business dealer in Juba called Ashraf Al-Cardinal whose name has featured on many leaked scandal documents of the NPTC.


By Chai Chat Reoprter,

Juba: 17 March 2019

South Sudan president, Gen. Salva Kiir Mayardit, has purportedly asked Pope Francis to come to his rescue from his country’s disgruntled Roman Catholic clergy in a meeting at Vatican City on Saturday, 16 March 2019.

President Kiir paid Pope an urgent visit upon his return from the peace promotion tour of his home region of Bahr Al Ghazal.

Among the items discussed are developmental projects and the implementation of the Revitalized Agreement for the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (RARCSS), as reported the Vatican News, quoting the Vatican Press Office.

Other issues touched on included questions concerning the implementation of an agreement recently reached by various political elements, with a view to the definitive resolution of the conflict, the return of refugees and displaced persons, and the integral development of the country.

However, much as the Holy See’s press did not divulge more details on the items discussed about RARCSS, impeccable sources close to J1 (President’s office) intimated privately to our Chai Chat reporter that there were two contentious issues between His Excellency and His Holiness.

On the one hand, the president, a staunch Catholic himself, who did not include his home Catholic leadership in his visit, complained of the sabotage on peace implementation process by the Catholic priests. On the other hand, the Pope demanded to know about the killing of the religious leaders, especially Sister Veronica, who was shot down by Government soldiers while rushing a pregnant mother to hospital in Yei in 2016. He put that as one of the conditions for his visi that was postponed three years ago due to security concerns in the country.

According to an MP close to J1, who chatted with our source at the tea table in Juba Grand Hotel, His Excellency, the President, reported the “increasing unbecoming behaviour of the ‘Pope’s lieutenants’ (South Sudan Catholic leaders) towards peace in particular and Government in general.”

He emphasized the growing friction between J1 and Kator (Catholic headquarters) that led to the president boycotting the church for close to a year recently. The lawmaker mentioned instances that make the Catholic not happy with the Presidency, such as the appointment of a minority religious leader to represent the rest in the name of ‘Presidential Adviser on Muslim Affairs, a position that was previously known collectively as “Advser on Religious Affairs”.

The honourable MP quipped, “His Excellency had to ask the Pope to reign in on his lieutenants or the implementation of the revitalized peace agreement would be frustrated.” The MP, who also goes by the title of General, said the president asked the pope to intervene by visiting South Sudan, and, “Inshallah,” he sighed, “We see him being received by a new leadership in this Catholic Church upon his first visit to our country preferably on the 8th anniversary of our independence.”

Whereas the president has placed his papal invitation at the Vatican, it is not yet responded to, but there are still similar conditions barring the Pope’s visit.

From the conversation, names of the Catholic leaders were featured, especially Archbishop Paulino Lukudu and his bishop of Rumbek Diocese, among others, who made a scathing attack on the peace implementation hypocrisy last month, as well as one auxillary bishop, Santo Laku, who has turned into a pulpit activist hitting the Government harder every Sunday.

It is believed the activist clergy has been sent away from Juba to the village where his bitter-truth sermons can be tamed by the erratic network prevalence out there, according to the president’s request to Archbishop Paulino Lukudu. The same request was allegedly presented to the Vatican targeting the head of Catholic Church in South Sudan this time round.

In February this year, the Catholic Bishops Conference held a synod for 3 days in Juba and came up with a report that is so disturbing to the Government, as sampled by the following 3 paragraphs.

“We fear that the current peace mediated by IGAD is totally fraud and we urge all stake holders and friends of South Sudan to collaborate to seek a new model a change of narrative for true peace which goes beyond the R-ARCSS.”

“It [peace agreement] propagates the power sharing model which encourages the parties to bargain over posts, positions and percentages rather than working for the good of the country.”

“The value of human life and dignity is forgotten as human rights abuses continue with impunity, including murder, rape, widespread sexual violence, looting and the occupation of civilian land and property.” The Metropolitan Archbishop of Juba, Paulino Lukudu, read the statement out to the press on February 27, 2019.

From the Holy See’s side, a source t presidential mission to the Vatican told our this source that the Pontif demanded to know what happened to the killers of Sister Veronica and other priests who were killed by Government soldiers during the war that broke out in December 2013.

While the president was visiting the Pope, Radio Tamazuj updated and posted the report detailing the killing of 40 religious leaders by Government soldiers and opposition groups from 2013 to date.

In May 2016, Veronika Terézia Racková, a Catholic missionary sister, was killed by government soldiers at a checkpoint in Yei town while driving an ambulance with an expecting mother, according to reports from Yei,” Says the Report, linked here.


Meanwhile, on another questionable development, somebody who claims to be writing on behalf of the secretly sired offspring of the Catholic leaders, allegedly calling himself James Jada Lukudu, has written the following public statement, which was sent to our team by our ‘Chai Chat’ news partners.

As the world in general and the Vatican in particular opens up this debate, we can only appeal to the honest church leaders in South Sudan to come out clean and safe us from this shame of not naming our biological parents.



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