Dear my President,

I know deep inside your heart you love your people and want the best for them. As the father of the nation, you would like to see a peaceful, stable and prosperous South Sudan. There’s no parent in the world who can wish bad luck to his children, the parent will work hard and fight to protect their children and always want their children to do better than them.

My President, am one of the many who voted and supported your Presidential candidacy in 2010. As citizens we cherish peace and always supported your government and the parties to conflict quest for lasting peace in South Sudan. I do remember in many occasions you repeated told us as your citizens that the 2013 and subsequently 2016 wars are all senseless wars and unnecessary. Many of us indeed subscribe to that thinking that there was no need for us as South Sudanese to fight and kill each other. We live in a country of less than 15 Million people endowed with enough resources. Our land alone bigger the three founding members of EAC and in fact we are blessed with fertile land for agriculture.

My President, As your citizen, voter and young man who want to rebuild his life after spending over 20 years as a refugee and growing up from childhood to adulthood as a refugee is one of my painful experience I must live with it. When I was a child in Mongula Refugee Settlement, Adjumani District, Uganda. We used to hear and see senior SPLA Commanders visit us and speak to us as kids that one day and just one day. You’ll return back to your country and become first class citizen, you’ll own land because you’ve ancestral land, you’ll go to best schools because we’ll build good schools for you, you’ll not die of malaria because we will establish better and well equiped hospitals for you. We were told that all our sufferings are caused by the Khartoum regime and in fact personally I had a hate towards the Sudanese Arabs. I refused to visit Khartoum until in 2018 during the peace talks because of bitterness that they spoiled my childhood life by growing up as a refugee and make me go through the hell of sufferings.

My President, when you leaders decided to sign the CPA in 2015. Many of us celebrated for weeks, months and years. In fact the news came at a right time when the LRA were busy killing, burning houses, looting and doing all inhumane things to your people. We were so excited to the extend that we wouldn’t wait for UN to repatriate us back home. Many of us decided to return back home voluntarily and felt that home is always home. All we hoped for was a peaceful, stable and prosperous country. Myself and my age- mates had a conversation when were 10 to 15 years old, Imagining how our country will be like the United States, Britain, Germany and France because we listen to our primary teachers talking about those beautiful countries in the world. We were also imagining how another Makerere University can be established in South Sudan and we can go and study. As kids of course we were ambitious and hoping for the best to come to our country.

My President, you know South Sudan is not the poorest country in the world. We have resources including our fertile land, there are countries in the world with no or limited resources like oil but they have move forward in a short period of time and I hope my country will journey in the path of peace and prosperity.

To shorten my story My President, we are left with only one month to form the new government. The implementation of the R-ARCISS is too slow and all we hear is that we don’t have money but we see letters flying over of plans to purchase V8s. No cantonment sites established, the reunification of forces not done yet, the constitutional amendment Bill not rectify by the TNLA and signed by you. The security sector laws not yet finished, in fact the Pre-transitional activities are not completely. Would be less even 40 or 30% already implemented. That tells us the magnitude of work left for only one month. We will appreciate as our President to address us as your citizens on these issues. In fact, my President some of your citizens have lost hope in this Peace Agreement. It is also for a fact that we have spoilers who doesn’t want PEACE come to South Sudan. They want us to continue fighting and killing ourselves and they loot and enjoy our resources. They don’t want to see your people smile again and feel happy. They don’t want to see refugees return back home because they’ve enriched themselves. Provided employment opportunities to their sons and daughters because of this South Sudan endless wars.

My President, we appeal to you to intervene in this situation and rescue our country. We are worried that the more we delay with the implementation of the R-ARCISS, the more we invite people with evil minds to destroy it. To some of us, this agreement is the only option at hand and we must guard it jealously. You as the father of the nation, you’ve all authority to turn the table around and we will start to see progress.

It is my hope my President as your citizen and son that my message will reach to you. All we hope for a peaceful and prosperous South Sudan.

Thank you my President. God bless you.

Wani Michael

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