Two South Sudanese Students Tortured by UPDF and Police Officers In Kampala

Testimony by together victims to AFTABOSS Blogger

Daniel Deng and I (Akuei Isaiah) were on our way home from Kireka. Our home is just about 2 minutes walk from Namboole (Mandela National) Stadium, so ours was just an evening walk. On reaching the lower Namboole about to take off from the main road, we bumped into 5 UPDF armed officers in uniform and one in civilian clothes. They approached us and started asking me in Luo and I replied. They added some words in Kiswahili. I told them that we don’t know it. Immediately the one in non uniform slapped my face and forced us to frog-jump.

I told them we were students so we didn’t know what hey wanted, but they insisted on beating us and started accusing us to be Dr. Riek Machar’s soldiers or Joseph Kong’s LRA. They were tough on me and they even used gun dipstick, the wooden butts of AK47 on me, especially the neck, head and abdomen.

They continued with accusations that I was a deserted officer from Machar’s SPLM-IO, also adding that South Sudan gunmen had killed their people in juba and now they would take a revenge on us. So they took us to Namboole together because Daniel refused to leave me alone after he was told to.

After reaching the police station, things went more horrible than the time we were outside the station. They ordered us to do push ups and we did it, this IMEI more on stones, not just on a soft ground.

They kicked us like football and humiliated us like we were just dogs. Last night, I regretted having came to Uganda.

After they got tired on us, they just rdered us to leave the station immediately, or otherwise they would kill us like dogs! One of them screamed at us.

They did not tell us more reasons otger than whst they initially accused us of…being rebels. We are now nursing our wounds. No justice for us, South Sudanese refugees.

I need the Embassy of South Sudan to get involved here. Our people suffer day and night from unfounded accusations here and there by Uganda citizens.



AFTABOSS Editors coiled not verify those story because the victims had left the police station but still struggling to seek justice over their torture.

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