South Sudan Peace needs our all Supports

By Gen. Makum Matop

We have signed the agreement on our will, but its implementation demands both region and the incumbent Transitional Government of National Unity supports.

The pre-transitional activities are not going on and the fixed time is about to expire for the formation of the Revitalised transitional government of National Unity.

The cause of all these delays is the lack of funds to speed up the process as the parties to the agreement are willing to implement it in letter and spirit.

Therefore, one can admit that the agreement is in trouble for it will block the holdout groups not to join the peace in its implementation phase.

Donors are not interesting to finance the agreement, and this become a milestone now for the agreement to succeed.

We are sitting in Juba waiting for any good Samaritan who can support us in order to make this peace possible.

Enough is enough.

Gen. Makum Matop

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