By Dr. Remember Miamingi

The Sudan was a failed state. Southern Sudan broke away and became South Sudan hoping to run away from the Sudan mess.

Unfortunately, South Sudan brought with it the worst form of all the ills of the Sudan.

Now that South Sudan failed to transit to statehood, there are calls for regionalisation, Federation or confederation. These calls look like attempts to run away from the question of the South Sudan.

May I suggest that running away is no longer a viable way to address state crises in South Sudan. Such calls, though legitimate and useful must be accompanied by a clear idea for building a legitimate and capable state at the centre.

Running away alone isn’t enough. Unit might carry similar problems with it.

If you regionalise, each region will have similar problems. Take equatoria for example, there are people who will tell you that the Bari, Mundari or the Azande etc might easily become the new masters. The same could be said about the other regions.

We have three problems that will follow us into our small tribal regiinal enclaves.

We the people are the first problem of South Sudan. Illiteracy, poverty and a history of violence exercebate this human dimensions of our problem.

The second problem is the abscence of statehood. Failed efforts at community building made failed transition to statehood natural. We don’t have organised and cohesive communities. The Jieng is a fragmented community; the Nuer even worse. The fragmentation in Equatorian maybe concealed by the history of oppression and exploitation by others.

The third problem is lack of an encompassing vision of a homeland that can motivate all of us to foster a common loyalty to.

None of these three can be solved by running away into small tribal or regional enclaves in a globalizing world.

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