Is It The Guns To Be Removed Or The Hearts To Be Disarmed In South Sudan?

Peter Mapuor Makur

Our National senseless wars have caused majority a psychiatric breakdown.

Richard Gabriel argues in his book, No More Heroes, by noting that lack of attention has been provided to mental health care for soldiers. For that reason, the heroes made in the course of liberating our country have been mentally and emotionally disabled along the way and are on the verge of assassinating their reputation cheaply.

Gabriel mentions that “nations customarily measure the ‘costs of war’ in dollars, lost production or the number of soldiers killed or wounded.”

In South Sudan, guns have proven to be dangerous in the hands of soldiers and civilians alike. No one can dispute this not to be true. What accelerated damages is that they are in the wrong hands, the hands of people who have nefarious purpose and are careless and fail to respect the power of firearm.

We have soldiers in the South Sudan People’s Defense Forces (SSPDF) with blurred objective of possessing arms _ some are militias, others are tribal advocates groomed by tribal tyrants.

Did you know that fire is very useful in the hands of a cook? It is useful in the hands of a cook but deadly in the hands of a pyromaniac. You know water can be for bathing or drowning. A pair of scissors can be for opening a box or stabbing someone. An airplane can be an incredibly efficient vehicle to travel between distances, or it can be a missile to be flown into buildings. People will stand to disagree if there are any suggestions to ban fire, water, scissors, or airplanes. Wise men discovered and believe in those facts.

The reason people use guns to kill others in our country is that we are not educated on the principles of firing and not firing bullets. It is due to such a reason many agree with those who state that “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” The issue is not guns, but rather it is us who are angry and hungry.

They say that “In a land of shortages the last person to die is the man with a gun.” Men with guns are struggling to survive in towns as unknown gunmen and in rural areas as cattle raiders at the expense of unarmed vulnerable individuals. The armed have become the predators and the unarmed persons are a prey everywhere you go in our republic.

We do have a heart problem. The disarmament of guns will not in and of itself change our actions. Even if we could effectively restrict or abolish access to guns, murders would still occur by other means. Many people would use spears, sticks, knives, cars, hooks or rocks if they didn’t have access to a gun.

I wish to appeal therefore to our authorities to focus on changing hearts and disarm afterwards. I feel the disarmament that has always been done is never a strategic decision but rather an emotional or deterrent action of the military and tribal political elites who allow arms in the hands of relatives.

The same army that collects guns is the same army that sells them to civilians every now and then. As long as guns remain a lucrative business for soldiers and storekeepers, disarmament will never hold water across our nation.

I see that a poor strategic approach to disarmament that leaves communities vulnerable to the wrath of tribal neighbors is giving birth to a new attitude of resistance that will make future disarmament difficult.

We have a war-created culture of violence and death, a waning respect for the dignity of all human beings and a host of other problems and needs that must be addressed.

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