The Burden of Age

It’s said by African wisdom that what an elder sees while seated, a child views it atop the tree.

By Junior William Deng

Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! Every birthday comes with burden of age, not so weighty for marriage or for wealth but absolutely weighty for adding responsibility to teach; speak, talk and commitment to serve the family and the country, every responsible man and woman carry this burden.

We are growing without doing enough to our generation; our children and to the future of our children, we forget easily that we carry the burden of age. That we are growing for this purpose; the purpose to defend our revolution, our independence and our country. This noble cause makes us grow not in size but in age for wisdom; knowledge and intellectualism, whereas without it, man doesn’t need to add age and become old and celebrate his birthday.

Birthday is an accountability to the country, the people and the nature, it is not a celebration, it is an occasional parade where we get ordained for the service of our families and nation. This is why I got another year!

I learned that one of my friends William Deng Akech had many wishes for me but he didn’t stop there, he wished and I quote, “may God prevent your contraversial thoughts.” Well, that is a good wish to me, it is also friendly and granting though he doesn’t know that this year the burden of age has increased and the propensity to add fire to my controversial thoughts is 100℅ in the tarvan.

Therefore, we must speak, tell the truth about our country, about the economy, politics and social realities. We must grow and grace birthdays as occasions for self reflection, we must carry the burden of age with pride. Without this burden, then the burden of nationality becomes inevitably nothing hence the failure of nationhood!


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