What exactly is Rita to President Kiir? I ask because I am in opposition to corruption. Overlooking many other viable candidates, the President promoted his personal assistant’s boyfriend to the position of grade two ambassador — placing him in Uganda.

I am appalled by the extravagant nuptials at the Serena Kampala, costing over one million dollars according to some. What I find deplorable is the absurd use of public money that could have been directed to better causes. The large sum could have been spent on the starving children within our borders instead of an international fancy-dress party. Corruption on a large scale has plagued the country since the government’s formation but it is reaching new heights with the wedding I describe.

We all are aware of the fact the international community feeds millions of our people affected by internal conflict over the last half-decade — including those in Ugandan camps who can not afford to return home. Many are squeezed into settlements in countries abroad and our very own capital. Our people are forced to only dream of the event hosted by the President’s personal assistant as they walk the streets barefoot and in need of sustenance.

Why does the President say he is against corruption in South Sudan when he does nothing about it? When he encourages it? It is bad enough that our country has been loaned out to the international community for the next generation to handle. It is worse that we make our problems worse through corruption, embezzlement and other poor actions in our nation.

Those who shake Kiir’s hand everyday are practicing the art of corruption everyday. It’s incredible the blindness, the categorical blindness, that our President seems to have been diagnosed with. He is oblivious to the bad actors around him but it truly warms my heart the thought of Kiir one day turning his corrupt friends into their better selves before they all live happily ever after in J1. I wonder if any politics actually occurs there, at the mention of J1.

It seems to be more of a piggy-bank for the criminal leaders of our nation than the political heart of the world’s newest country. The structure produces corruption like cattle produce milk — in abundance. I wonder when our wise leader and his buddies for ministers will set the wrong right in our country for their work is years overdue. The people of our country are upset with the work being done for them, supposedly. I ask our government to stop hurting millions of people.

Condemnation isn’t enough President Kiir, your people need action. Immediate action.

Love ‘n’ Peace South Sudan Chick

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