Is it South Sudan National Youth or the SPLM Youth Wing?

By Deng Chapath

There is one thing I have not understood completely. Many people are talking here and there, everywhere that there is a body called South Sudan National Youth Union.
The existence of that body is even proven by the fact it has the President and another structure like any organization has.

The President is in the person of Albino Bol. I have seen him performing some works in that capacity as the President of National Youth of South Sudan. There was one time I came across the news reporting him about his going to some countries in Africa. Wherever he goes, he is acknowledged as the President of South Sudanese Youth.

It is in the same capacity, the government is funding him. He is using the national resources while he is representing South Sudan National ‘Ghost’ Youth. I have said ‘Ghost Youth’ because he is representing Youth in love, those who are united by the language the President speaks but not in reality.

In other words, Albino Bol is not representing Youth as we have been hearing but he is only representing a certain organized group which does not represent the Youth of South Sudan as a whole.

It is in relation to the above, I have taken this time today to bring up this issue of the existence of illusive Youth body for discussion by all South Sudanese.

What South Sudanese should know is that there is no general Youth Union in South Sudan and what is so-called Youth body does not represent majority of South Sudanese.

The question for discussion of today is what I have already asked in the title of this work: is it South Sudan Youth Union or is it the SPLM party Youth League in disguise? I have asked this question to bring to the light the fact that there is a need for the neutral Youth body to represent the youth irrespective of their political leanings.

The National Youth Union led by Albino Bol does not represent the Youth of South Sudan, which explains the fact that the youth do not have central body in South Sudan, hence remain disunited. As the Youth remain disunited, they become victims of politics as the politics and politicians can easily divide them.

The only way to avoid this and to get the Youth, who are really interested in politics is to abolish the present pseudo-youth body and come up with a stronger youth body dedicated to bringing the youth together and empowering them politically, socially and economically. The reason many youth are joining politics is not because of money but because they are interested in seeing things done the way they wanted them to be done.

Therefore, they move from camp to camp and from politician to politician looking for a capable leader, who will work in effectively saving South Sudan. In general, there should be a youth body ready to welcome all youth irrespective of their political affiliation.

This means that there is a need for true leaders who are ready to save all South Sudanese youth with integrity and transparency coupled with fairness. This further means that the youth with different views and opinions should be accommodated and the youth of the term ‘rebels’ be not prohibited by anybody except by security agencies that have capability of investigating the person, whom they suspect to be a rebel.

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