From our snoops who witnessed the drama at Rumbek Airport, these are some of the reasons for which General Matur Machut was denied to fly out of Western Lakes

After General Matur Chut, the former Governor of Western Lakes State was relieved and the New Governor, Brigadier Deng Mathiang was appointed, the state was preparing to receive the New Governor who has been in Juba since he was appointed as he was waiting for swearing in.

As the state was waiting for the New Governor to come, another new development took place. Poth, the Advisor to the former Governor resigned citing fears of reprisal from the New Governor given their previous misunderstanding and conflict.

At the same time, the former Governor, General Matur prepared to leave the state before the New Governor arrives. As a result, Poth, the former advisor requested her former boss to take her along with him if he were to leave for Juba.

General Matur, accepted her request to leave with him on 27/01/2019. However, the New Governor was informed about the plan by the former Governor and his advisor to leave for Juba before the handing over of the State authority to him.

Thus, the New Governor gave the orders that the two should not leave before he came to the state so that he could take over the state in his presence by making formal handing over to him.

The former Governor rejected the orders and decided to leave in disregard to the orders of the new Governor. But the National Security personnel were deployed in a bit to prevent General Matur Chut, the former Governor from leaving the state before the arrival of the New Governor.

The move to deploy national security was made Manuer Chut, the governor’s brother, who is in military to intervene with soldiers from Panda Hotel.

With the intervention, Gen. Matur was able to manage to go to the airport in his former style as if he were still a Governor with screaming serene.

But the National security was already deployed in the airport and the situation became tense when General Matur Chut arrived with the full escorts of heavily armed soldiers.

That led to stand off between the army members that were acompanying Matur Chut to the airport and the National Security personnel that were already deployed in the airport.

Fortunately, the acting Governor moved swiftly by calling Juba to rescue the situation. The first person he called to talk to Matur was Lt General Daniel Awet Akot but Awetdit advised him to instead call the national security.

Upon calling the Director of National Security, General Akol Koor, Akol ordered the National Security personnel that were deployed in Rumbek Airport to leave General Matur alone.

After ordering the National Security out of the Airport, the Director General of National Security further gave orders to delay the plane that was about to come to Rumbek from Juba. This led to General Matur and his former advisor remained stranded in the airport for the whole day.

It was in the evening the plane was allowed to come to Rumbek, in which Matur and his former advisor were able to travel to Juba.

Also yet to be confirmed are fears that the outgoing governor and his email were carrying large money in the bags. This suspicion came as a reminder from the plunder of office cars and furniture during the sacking of Matur I.

The above facts explain the reasons why there was a stand off between those who support general Matur Chut and the National in Rumbek on on Sunday, 29 January 2019.

(Name of the blogger withheld on request).

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