By Biar D’ Chol-Banyawut.

(Editing in progress)

It started as to ‘liberate’ Sudanese marginalized and oppressed by the Arabs hegemony at Khartoum in 1983. The South Sudanese nationalists (joined later by East, Blue Nile, and Nubia mountains) inspired a great following of the peasants, in a fight to create a “secular and democratic New Sudan.” The nationalist politicians made promises to liberate Sudanese from Arabs. These nationalists made themselves very convincing to the downtrodden Sudanese people, and kept the fire of the fight for appealingly aflame. The war was, then, fought for decades were bones of Sudanese who fell, littered the buses. After independence, however, the status quo of power mongering made many of these leaders get drunk with power and lose focus on vision they took up arms. They so quickly forgot their admirable dreams and promises to lead Southerners to greater heights and to liberate their suffering people. They simply entered the Arabs mould and intensified its dictatorial, extractive and self-serving system of governance. The President with his hand picked governors, then, started their blind pursuit of personality cult power mongering constituted the further dismantlingu of the nation. The promising nation, sadly, fizzled out because of the abandoning “vision of taking towns to people.”

Now, the President of the Republic of South Sudan, Kiir Mayardit with his handpicked governors had become political mafia; ruling the nation with iron-fisted. This one percent ruling cliques are, with the acronyms of: The SPANKERS ( Salva Kiir Mayardit, Philip Aguer Panyang, Awet Akot, Kuol Manyang, Elias Waya Nyipuoch, Rizik Zacharia and Stephen Taban Deng). These top elites, whether in Juba or their respective states, spank the recalcitrants or oppositions’ buttons with the national intelligence security service (NISS) as their whims. The NISS personnel act radically, as we have seen during Christmas, when they hijacked the Church parading on the streets in Bortown. The political Floggers! The SPANKERS, however, have had mobilized the DAG- ( Deng Bol, Angel Machar and Garang John), an online catalyst or pipeline, where the information flows from social media to the SPANKERS desks. And that’s how probably Dong Luak, Aggrey Idris, and Peter Biar Ajak, got lured in the hands of NISS in which they are rotting now in a Blue House. PBA was picked up at Juba airport when he made a connection flight to attend Red Army event in Aweil state. The DAG are the down earth bootlickers that praiseworthy politicians as: ‘His Excellency’ and ‘Honorable,’ Mr. X, Y & Z, to be kept close by. Snitchers! WARM-(Wani Igga, Anthony Lino Makur, Riek Machar and Majok Mading)-When approached, they melted your heart with smiles, and felt welcome. Looks happily all the times regardless of what affected them politically. Acted as if they’re in comedy showroom. Should’ve been Comedians!

Another group is the medieval era Dinka ATM -(Amrose Ring Thiik, Tor Deng Mawien and Malual Madut)- The head of Jieeng council of elders; the architects and pillars of which President Kiir stands since the ruthless war starts in December 15, 2013. The Dinka’s ATM seniles, spit the words out against Kiir opponents; picked up by the Upper Nile EBOLA- (Ezekiel Lol Gatkuoth, Buay Malek, Othon Awer William and Abraham Makoi Bol). The Upper Nile EBOLA are in form of the European’s deadly Bubonic Plague. The EBOLA holds the country in a Nuer traditional made “Galuak” spoon. No loyalty in them, when“Galuak” is barely empty. Patriotism depends on green pastures, and that’s where they’re tethered down. Thus, their greediness is what affects Nuer politically. They stand with you today, and throw your ass in the dustbin when removed, or no lucrative jobs on table. And that’s how Dr. Riek Machar walked the heavily mosquito infested jungle of Equatoria to DR Congo for 40 days. Have taught DR. Riek unforgettable lesson. Political Cannibalists! The BAM- ( Bashir Gbandi, Awur Deng and Makuei Lueth) -The Kiir’s liaison and stubbornly mouthpiece. Not a fan of changes. Swapped randomly since 2005-present. When disagreed with opponents, his/her ass becomes a vultures’ delicious meal of the day. No one else they see politically fits to lead the nation, but Kiir or one among them. They act radically not knowing that their radicalism toward their opponents continued to sink the nation. Politically pigheaded. It’s either you accept their demands or go to hell. The Choleric!

LAMPBLACK- (Lokonga Moses, Africano Monday, Mangar Buong, Patrick Raphael Zamoi, Baba Medan Konyi, Lobong Lojore, Augustino Jadalla Wani, Chol Thon Balok and Kok Ruai)- a combustible and obnoxious governors, who personalized states as private entities. Rule with iron-fists & whips. Anyone dares to question their ruling, faces the consequences. Either vowed to their knees or faces pertenitiary-Megalomania! MAIMED-( Mature Makur, Andrea Mayar Achor, Ismail Konyi, Madang Majok Meen, Elizabeth Acuei Yol)- repugnant governors that crippled citizens with draconian laws, leaving citizens disfigured. Resolved everything with gunpowder and a whips. Bullheaded with bush jungle laws era. Mutilators! PRANK- (Paulino Awanawila, Richard Mulla, Adwok Nyaba, Nadir Arop Dudi and Kornellia Kon Guk). politically prank’ the President, with wolf in a sheep’s clothing to keep their jobs- Tricksters! MORTAL- (Mayiik Ayii, Obutu Maboe Bete, Rebecca Joshua Okwachi, Thiaji De-Dut Deng, Alfred Lado, and Lam Akol Ajawin)- deplorable and merciless that subjected fellow citizens to death in different ways. No humanity in them when it comes to power and politics. It’s to be them above everything else-Power mongers! DOPES- (Dhieu Mathok Diing, Oturmoi Matison, Paul Mayom Akech and Elizabeth Acuei Yol)- cloyed President with sweet tongues. Smoked power like marijuana-Saccharines! The PDDT (Peter Marcello Nasir, Deng Deng Hoc, Dak Duop Bichok and Telar Ring Deng)-political agents that weed out politicians that disagree with President-corkcrewers! PUTSCH-(Peter Gatdet Yak, Uliny Johnson, Tut Kew, Stephen Par Kuol, Changson David and Hassan Mar Nyuot)- politically unstable. Want changes through barrel of a gun. Nothing appeased them politically. Warlords that lych comrades in broad daylight, and stormed into jungle. Bought with money, otherwise, they abandoned your camp when pockets emptied. Their politics changes direction like hurricanes. Switched camps very often in search of lucrative deals. Their lives is between bushes and Khartoum-Putschists! BAR- (Bona Pariek Biar, Abraham Gum and Ring Teny Mabor), narrow minded with different political color like a drinking bar that accommodates different drunkers. Absent Minded! The BALD- ( Badagu Daniel Remposa, Ali Malou Juma, Louis Lobong Lojore and David Lokong Moses), the masterminded profiteers of equatoria gold. Extracted gold and other minerals for personal gains and not willing to develop their states-Extortionists! LAW- (Lual Achuek Lual, Atem Garang Kuer and Wal Athieu Madol)-Holds laws like priests with New Testament. Pretends to be the voice of voiceless, but hide their heads in the sand when badly needed. Considered “odd men,” by political mafias for not following the norm standards of “profiteering” and “extractive system” of political self-enrichment- Political garbage! The CRM- JUSTICE- (Chan Reec Madut-John Wol makech, Uyo Nyawilo, Stephen Simon Benjingwa, Tambel Musa Pasha, Irish Hamid Zeinab, Clement Kuch and El Sheikh Dirar Duria)- The defunct kangaroo court judges with no teeth. Just the names and titles, but laws of nation is in the hand of one man: President Kiir who ruled the country with “Dekiiree.” Should be cattle camps judges. Practiced ‘mohammed laws’ on “poor innocents” who can’t buy their ways out of the crappy system. Mohammedans!

Education suffers enormously in South Sudan. The young educated, returned home to help in building the nation. These educated gave up comfort western’s life, for the sake of the country they loved to serve. Some volunteered to teach at Universities. Sadly, the universities don’t want them do other jobs besides teaching to copy with the plummeting economy. The Juba university chancellor took it to the Sudd’s DAMN- (DIING AKOL, August Mayai, Mark Awek and Nhial Tiitmamer), individuals doing everything they could to develop the SUDD—a research center that could be essential to the country later if well developed.The DAMN member, ATM was targeted and suspended by University chancellor for having two jobs and crossed paths on social media. An usual thing that doesn’t happen a lot in a developing world. A backwardness that’ll continue to sink the nation educationally. Educationalists! KAPPA-( Kuir Ë Garang, Akech Thiong( Daniel Akech Thiong), Pen (Jon Pen),PaanLuel Wël and Amer Mayen Dhieu) – Lone wolf that succeed in their own paths. Loves success of everyone, and their country. Politically abrasive and acidic to the political mafias in South Sudan. Bashed politicians’ and everyone’s heads like little boys. Impugned and chided politicians and Juba elites for failing the nation, but give alternatives of what needs to be done moving a country forwards. Problem Solvers!

As the peace implementation convened in Juba between the IG and the FDS, the PMANG- (PAUL MACH Kuol, MAJAK AGOOT, NYANDENG CHOL, GIIR CHUANG) walked to Juba, with one leg immersed into war, afraid they might be dragged to Blue House again as in 2013. Sadly, the OP- (Oyai Deng Ajak and PAGAN Amum OKECH)-the FDS incisive surgical instrument, haven’t returned to juba yet due to the fear of unknown. Wanted to see how PMANG farewell in Juba. July, 2016 still rings in their ears. And this could be the reason for their absenteeism in Juba.Recalcitrants!

At Khartoum, Sudan, IO’S KARMA base- (Kong Chuol, Angelina Teny, Riek Machar, Mabior Garang and Alier Ateny), Dr. Riek Machar with his political Dinka orphanages: DAM-(Deng Madingchuai, Alier Ateny and Mabior Garang), anxiously waited April 2019, to come home. The Dam prevents “political water waves” between the Nuer and Dinka. They’ve been ostracized by their Dinka fellows for standing with South Sudan most hated man: Dr. Riek Machar Teny. But, careless of what people say. See Kiir as not politically fits in leading the nation, but Juba “Lord Mayor” in a cowboy hat. See Dr. Riek as “messiah” that could make South Sudan as “Africa Singapore.” Political Optimists’!

Lastly but not least, the online South Sudanese feminists. If anyone isn’t afraid of these feminists, I don’t know what you’ll be afraid of. The social media feminists: SNaKeS & KAABA (Suzie William, Nyan Nyuon Bany, Adhieu Ngoth Chol and Kuer Mabior Nhial( Esther De Mabiordit), Elizabeth Anok Kuch and Slybell Sosah), & ( Kuer Aguer Bior Duot, Adit Makerduek Habit, Akeer Chut-Deng, Beth Maketh, and Ayaak Chol Kuany. These feminists spit venomous online that could make one literally blind. They walk online with a pen & keyboard in form of a “baseball bat” in their hands, to bash any man misbehaving against women (Dinka men custodian laws). These young women have one thing in common: women suffrage and early child marriages. Educationally ‘radicalized’ and lately influenced by #me too moment-American women that rises against the American’s moguls (Powerful men who harassed and took advantage of women at workforces or schools). On social media, they like snake vs. honey badger, or hawk to chicks against men with Dinka obsolete culture. Anyone not supporting their feminism isn’t their friends. At the wake of Nyalong’s married to a South Sudanese businessman, Kok Alan on the social media, they took it to their hearts, and bashed the : MACADAM’s heads- (Mangok Mach Bol, Athian Mayen Sr., Chol Nyok (Ability Chol Nyok), Ajak Deng Chiengkou, Dut-machine de Mabior, Awuol Deng (David Awuol Deng), Deng Lueth Mayom Ayiik). These feminists, have no mercy when it comes to ‘feminism.’ Either accepts their demands, or they deal with you. Nothing valuable in Dinka obsolete culture in which young girls are marriage off to moguls. Badly westernized and forgot that nothing changed in villages. All they want is changed now and not later! So, be careful dealing with these feminists online. Otherwise, they “circumcise your ass” on social media! Corrosive!

Take this satire seriously are your own risk!

Enjoys your Yuikend

Ready for a Blue house to join brother PBA!

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