To President Salva Kiir Mayardit: Why Are Our Rights And Truth Stolen From Us?

Open letter to the president of the Republic of South Sudan. H. E. Salva Kiir Mayardit

About untold problems of Pakam.

Your Excellency, the president, I am happy to learn that you would get my message.

Mr President, I m writing in regards to the rampant killing of Pakam people of Western Lakes that happened on the 26th of December 2018 by Luachjang armed youth, who were powerful and uncontrollable by your government and state government. Taking note of this day as the 14th anniversary of the peace agreement that brought about the independence of our country.

As matter of fact, I have made thorough investigation and analysis about the evidence that was paralized by our coat-and-tie politicians, who have huge contribution to our sufferin, especially this bloodshed of Pakam innocent people.

Tonj East youth (luachjang) invaded Pakam’s land claiming to be no man’s land that they should into stureland for their cattle.

Mr. President, the Pakam Community gave great deal lot of support in logistically, and sacrifice their son to be in the frontlines, by then pakam people were good boys at that time but now we are bad boys. Our MPs the media have disappear from their offices door..

Mr President. Pakam people are the children with no father who can look on to them when trouble knocks theirs door.. Mr President during South Sudan referendum all pakam people voted for the separation only pakam who didn’t vote is the died one and 5 years old child. We thought that we are South Sudanese and now why is it that our right and truth is being stolen from us. Our manpower was taken out from us.and we are left in the middle of our problematics.

Coming to death of the SPLA Soilders lead by major was also killed in that untold truth with his 4 guards in opposite to the church and payam admin office of Alor payam which our missed politicians said they were killed in the cattle camps zone trying to raid the cattles during my thorough investigation I have not even smell the cow dung leave alone cattle camps zone. Mr President those bodies laying down are for soldiers of our beloved Nation died innocently like that… Alor PHCU and Payam administrator office were all cracked down all medication supplies were burned, 36 villages were burned to ashes over 4000 men/women were displaced children were not counted,from the photo below you see one women was representing their mates who were beaten with her.

Mr President to conclude my conclusion let me be well off with short questions.

1. Are we pakam people not South Sudanese? If we are South Sudanese why are these happened and no response?
2. Are Luachjang people not brothers to pakam and if yes why have they done this massive killing and destruction?

Mr President we pakam people wanted your help if you are President for all especially in this following areas.

1) Disarm luachjang to be like us so that we remain brothers as usual.
2) We need good roads that shall be connecting us with town.
3) we need communication so that our voice shall be heard soon when we are blowing trumpet of peacepeace and rescue.
4) we need proper health facilities.
5) finally we would like you to come on ground for more..

Thank you very much
Pakam voice

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