Please, Stop It, We Are Now South Sudan see!

By Gai Mayen Luk

The government may shirk responsibility when it comes to the intermittent inter-tribal raids and carnages which our local communities keep meting out on each other but it must not escape our notice that the contemporary South Sudan is more of a mere geographical set up–and not a nation-state–which consists of nucleus sub-nationalities that still see their neighboring communities as aliens to be conquered and subdued.

This explains why a community like Murle attacks and inflicts so much pain on a neighbor like Lou Nuer or Bor, and vice versa, without a shred of empathy or brotherly instinct.

It is not just enough to have elites of different tribes join their hands in the convenient fashion of let’s-eat-together form of a consortium while rocking the national flag in the name of of an imagined order called South Sudan while this new ideal of South Sudanism has not begun to hold water among the grassroots people.

This is where the beauty of statecraft needs to be given a special consideration such that the people in their diversity are made to understand that they are now South Sudanese and not a detached lot who do not have a common attribute that unites them as was the medieval perception.

Unless a passionate leadership emerges that cares about bringing our diverse communities together and carrying out the process of detribalization while constructing a new identity, the idea of South Sudan as a nation-state will remain a mirage. This devil-may-care attitude from today’s leaders towards the widening social rifts as our communities rip themselves apart is very unfortunate.

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