By Zalson Khor.

Knowing what we now know, we can say and hopefully agree with a great certainty that the current wars in South Sudan were entirely avoidable had we listened. Yes. The unrepentant(s) aren’t moved.

Away from trying to tomyjerry around it, my interest is the costs. Despite rare, regrettable, isolated incidences of violations here and there, the basic principles of ceasation of hostility (CoH) are still holding firmly. Therefore, it is instructive to step aside and count the cost from the fields were these battles were fought.

War costs human lives, needless to say. But in addition, more fragile than often recognised, the ground is littered with dead ideals: social coexistence, dead. Trust, dead. Unity in diversity, fatally wounded.

However, in spite of this hefty price, the culprits are still recalcitrant in their resistance to orderly implementation of ACRISS (Accord for the Conflict Resolution in South Sudan). Blinded by their uncontrollable rage, they cannot see they have caused more harm to South Sudan than all shackles devised by the Khartoum.

Shockingly they are not alone. IGAD behaviour from Day One, is a stark reminder that the organisation is falling in her efforts to bring a much needed peace home. Heck! They are friends with South Sudan peace obstructionists. But true friends occasionally talk each other off the ledge when things aren’t going as expected.

The current pronouncment to deploy more troops to the country, though welcome for time being, is not only a ‘quick fix’, but a less desirable solution: organisation of the entire army is. . . it’s no expensive when jaxtaposed with pricy and spirited attempts to devour each other.

I am afraid if the booming economy cannot fund peace implementation, the boomy minister, along with his government, will have a dose of sleepless night in the day of reckoning, to answer as to what happened. At least, this fact, IGAD is aware. By putting more boots on the ground, it is apparent IGAD’s efforts is to make up in ‘quantity what it lacks in quality’. Easy way out, but also one carefully crafted to put up an appearance of actions.

I will assume you got the logic. If you are not seeing these predicaments coming, you probably were not paying attention.

Unless there is commitment to exert more efforts to end violence once and for all, one can conclude that South Sudanese closer to the orbit of power, have learned nothing from this unprecedented level of chaos and untold human sufferings ensued thereafter. You would think we are fairly educated grown adults and are so much ashamed to ever repeat those mistakes. Well, repeated we did already.

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