NOSSCOU Executive Handover Ceremony Held At Kampala

The Network of South Sudanese Civil Society Organizations in Uganda (NOSSCOU)’s newly elected Executive Committee handover ceremony took place today (January 3, 2019) at fig Tree Hotel, the program started at 11am and ended at 1pm. It was chaired by the outgoing coordinator of the Network, Mr. Tito Anthony, who is the Executive Director of Center for Peace and Justice (CPJ).

The program started with prayers by Bishop Mulla, the Secretary General for the Network. Anthony expressed his happiness to hand over the power to the new executive committee. He added, giving pieces of advice to the new office bearers to avoid the groupings within the network, and the conflict of interest among the members.

Thereafter, he explained the reasons that can make the network collapse urging the new members to avoid such pitfalls. Mr Tito encouraged the network to work as one team by discussing their issues together.

Juma David, the guest speaker, guided members on the need to be professional and to enhance their capacity by training and organizing. “For your to win confidence of funding partners, you be organized and exemplary.”

There’s Nyalony, representing Anataban Arts Initiative, also a NOSSCOU member, asked members to observe the roles and meaning of an activist. Juma and Tito explained more about that.

Kuol Arou Kuol, the deputy NOSSCOU treasurer, mentioned the role of the network within the entire community of South Sudanese in Uganda to disseminate the content of the recently signed Revitalized Accord for the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan (RARCSS). He emphasized the engagement of donors and partners to stand side by side with network so as to achieve the objectives.

Checking hands with Mr.Tito, Mr.Ter Manyang, the incoming coordinator, expressed his happiness for this historical moment of peaceful transition of power, and saying he wass ready to serve the community of South Sudanese, urging the civil organizations members to support him.

Bathumi Ayul
Information and publicity

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