Peace Is Not Hugs Between Former Foes And Impassioned Appeals In Churches

By Gai Mayen Luk

President Kiir Mayardit should acknowledge the basic fact that bribing a horde of formerly disgruntled politicians with political ‘incentives’ is a quick fix–and a short term political strategy– that will not work for him and
South Sudan as country from now into the foreseeable future.

It does not only circumvent the elaborate provides of the agreement which have laboriously been designed to solve the whole mystery of South Sudan Question but it also overlooks the obvious fact that politicians everywhere in the world will always disagree despite everything–and Salva Kiir will still disagree with these guys sooner than later; this is why the prevalence of peace in South Sudan shouldn’t be tied to the flimsy thread of ‘reconciliation’ among the politicians.

By implementing the agreement; we need economic reforms that will see all the South Sudanese refugees repatriated back into the country and the IDPs resettled to their homes with some amount of indemnity (compensation) and better the living conditions for all the citizens ; we need to see justice and accountability beginning to prevail; and above all we need to embrace constitutionalism as the key instrument of strengthening our nascent foundation of a state.

Simply put, we need to embark on the process statecraft by building institutions. That is when the glue which is bound to keep South Sudan together will stick, and then we can talk about real peace. Peace is not a matter of pious proclamations, hugs between the former foes and the impassioned appeals in churches.

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